The Idea

Campr is the result of a big drive into Queensland’s Outback by a couple of well-travelled video content specialists. Well versed in the creative art of lifestyle television, Dean Miller and Adam Oldham have many years experience creating television shows for network television like Creek to Coast and Queensland Weekender.

Dean and Adam were on a corporate assignment shooting tourism content in the Simpson Desert when the idea for Campr first sprung to mind.

Adam was sitting around the fire near Boulia one starry night and said…

“What if we developed an online TV show about camping, touring, adventure and events that people could access whenever they liked.”

Dean agreed it was a good idea…

“Mate there is a massive appetite for what we have been doing and I am still bumping into people on the road asking where we are and what we are doing.”

Dean continues to say…

“…As far as I know, nothing like this exists, It’s what we know and what we do so lets build it. Now pass me another beer!”


Australia’s Backyard Online

An online TV show where our audience can go to research their next adventure or just dream about where they might want to go and the things they might like to do one day. New products, services and places that could make the trip whether it be a weekend away or a lap of the map even better. Campr will show you where to go and how to get there.







Meet The Presenters

Dean Miller

Dean Miller, 15 year television veteran. Deans knowledge and warm and affable style brings credibility to a groundbreaking, pioneering show that is for shore and certain the future of lifestyle TV.

And we have managed to drag a few mates along for the ride and plenty more will pop up along the way…

4×4 Expert Roger Vickery

Roger Vickery is a 4WDing & camping enthusiast, expert on all things off road. Husband, Father, TV Presenter & State Manager for ARB QLD. Exploring 4WD destinations such as Cape York or any beach he can find.

4WD Guru Matt Swift

Rogers right-hand man Matt Swift who drives the coolest 79 series on the planet. You’ll be seeing alot of Matt and his truck on the show in the coming weeks.

From Fraser to Tassie to the Snowy Highlands and Uluru, we will uncover the best this country has to offer. How to pack your vehicle and van, the latest gizmos and gadgets and how to get out of a pickle with little fuss.

Fishing Pro Sammy Hitzke

When it comes to fishing Sammy Hitzke is a gun. From beach and estuary to heavy tackle bill fishing this bloke lives eats and breathes fish.

He will unbox the latest gear to market, show you how he does it and I guarantee will make you a better fisherman just by watching the show.

Campr Community

Then there is you, as we know you can learn alot from fellow travellers. We love to meet people on the road find out how they do it, the best places to go, the best hacks and tips. We can’t wait to hit the road!

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