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Lake Callide Retreat

Lake Callide Retreat is a great place to stay for campers, fishing fans and visitors to Biloela. Affordable lakeside accommodation options include self-contained cabins, powered sites and camping areas. For more information check out the OQTA website:https://www.outbackqueensland.com.au/accommodation/lake-callide-retreat/ The Sandstone Wonders website is also worth a look for detailed information on the region: https://sandstonewonders.com/

Peel Island With Maritimo

Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s most protected waterways. This boat haven has a number of shelters from storms, depending on the direction of the wind. The Tangalooma Wrecks is one of the most popular, but another favourite has to be Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island. We’ve been travelling on the magnificent Maritimo M62 and […]

Windorah, QLD

With a panorama of giant red sandhills, Windorah is located in the heart of the Channel Country, beside Cooper’s Creek. It doesn’t get much more ‘Outback’ than here, with its stunning vistas, picturesque ruins and historical sites. Windorah’s history is linked with Isisford for it was the Whitman brothers who established both towns. Originally known […]

Charleville, QLD

Immortalised in Slim Dusty’s song by the same name, Charleville is the largest town in Queensland’s south-west and is a hub for visitors and pastoralists alike. In the heart of ‘mulga country’, Charleville and surrounding pastoral properties are rich in history, flora and fauna. Meander along the Charleville Heritage Trail to see some impressive examples […]

Sandy Cape, Fraser Island

Sandy Cape, the most northern point on Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland. This place was named by James Cook during his 1770 voyage. A popular place for green turtles, this means that nighttime driving along the beach is banned during nesting season. The eastern beach provides vehicle access to Sandy Cape during low […]

Fraser Island Driving Checklist

Fraser Island is the World’s Largest Sand Island. The tracks on Fraser are soft sand and not suitable for conventional vehicles. Fraser Island is a World Heritage site and the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres. It’s also one of Australia’s most epic […]

Great Sandy Straits With Maritimo

The Great Sandy Strait rivals the Whitsundays with ideal sailing conditions and stunning scenery. Its sheltered bays, sand flats, beaches and mangrove-lined creeks are the perfect spot to throw in a line! We do the Great Sandy Straits in Maritimo style, view all the latest models at Maritimo.

Eli Creek, Fraser Island

Eli Creek is the largest freshwater stream on the eastern coast of Fraser Island with 4 million litres of clear, fresh water flowing into the ocean every hour. This is a popular picnic and swimming spot which has a boardwalk that follows the creek inland. Eli Creek is a great swimming area for children and […]

Orchid Beach, Fraser Island

The beautiful Orchid Beach is just a few minutes away from Waddy Point, Champagne Pools and Indian Heads. Whether you’re looking for some excellent fishing, or just want to relax is private amongst Fraser Island’s scenery, Orchid Beach is a perfect getaway..

Brett Lakey: Lady Musgrave

Lady Musgrave Island is the Southernmost coral cay of the Bunker Group. Lady Musgrave Experience was founded by managing director Brett Lakey after 20 years of operating and setting up successful eco tours and luxury charter vessels around the world. Home has always been the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave Island and the Bunker […]