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Treadz 4WD Jewellery

Paul Read has been in a qualified jeweller for more than 20 years and has a passion for the outdoors and 4WD. Treadz 4WD Jewellery design customized and unique accessories in the form of various 4WD gear/products. Including Maxtrax earrings, tyre rings, piston necklaces and much more. Check out their online shop: https://www.treadz4wdjewellery.com.au/

Campr Tech: Rhino-Rack

Keep everything on top of your car secure with Rhino-Racks Roof Racks. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Rhino-Rack’s range provides 4WD enthusiasts with a variety of carrying options. For more information head to the ARB 4×4 Accessories website: https://www.arb.com.au/roof-racks/rhino-roof-racks/

Campr Tech: Diesel Care

Diesel Care provides the best protection against fuel contamination with their Fuel Filter Kits. Diesel Care offers easy install D.I.Y. fuel filter kits in two variants; Primary (pre) and Secondary (final). For more information head to their website: https://www.dieselcare.com.au/service/filtration-systems/ Find your local ARB store here: https://www.arb.com.au/contact/find-your-nearest-store/

Campr Tech: ERPS

ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention System) has been manufacturing right here in Australia since 1996. If you’re living on or near the beach chances are your vehicle could be at risk of rust damage. The ERPS creates an electrical charge, causing the steel on your vehicle to become less reactive and rusting is slowed or even […]

Campr Tech: Safari ARMAX ECU

The Safari ARMAX Engine Control Unit (ECU) is designed to work your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit resulting in more power, more torque, improved throttle response, all while keeping fuel consumption low. For more information head to the Safari 4×4 website: https://www.safari4x4.com.au/commercial/ecu-engine-control-units

Campr Tech: LINX ARB

LINX is a unique modern controller that declutters the dashboard and centralises the command of vehicle accessories with one sleek and smart driver interface. Built on an expandable platform, LINX will continue to evolve your on and off-road driving experience both now and into the future. For more information about the ARB LINX system explore […]