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Levuka 4WD Park

We join the Motorama 4x4xmore club on an adventure to Australia’s best-kept secret, Levuka 4WD Park. Levuka has camping grounds, spectacular views and medium to challenging driving tracks through the rainforest. You’ll come across gullies, creek crossings, and plenty of mud makes this a great testing ground. For more information check out the Levuka website: […]

Kroombit Tops

Kroombit Tops offers the chance to get back to nature and camp without facilities, away from technology. Take a bush walk and explore forests on four-wheel-drive roads. See the remains of a WWII bomber, named ‘Beautiful Betsy’, that crashed at Kroombit Tops in 1945. The plane wreckage lay hidden in the Australian Bush until it […]

Fraser Island Driving Checklist

Fraser Island is the World’s Largest Sand Island. The tracks on Fraser are soft sand and not suitable for conventional vehicles. Fraser Island is a World Heritage site and the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres. It’s also one of Australia’s most epic […]

Ngkala Rocks, Fraser Island

Heading up to the tip of Fraser Island, Sandy Cape, we come across a 4WD challenge. Ngkala Rocks, about 6km north of Orchid Beach, is one of the island’s largest exposures of coffee rock. Access over North Ngkala Rocks is extremely rough and should only be attempted by experienced four-wheel drivers at low tide.

Eurong Beach Resort

Eurong Beach Resort is situated on the eastern beach of Fraser Island that has accommodation to suit all budgets. Although keep in mind that the resort is only accessible by four-wheel-drive. Eurong Beach Resort is also the hub for day tours, 4WDriving adventures and fishing. Find out more information on their website.

Fraser Island: Let’s Begin

Fraser Island, where rainforests and sand dunes merge in one place, it is the perfect place to stimulate your sense of wonder. No visit to the island is complete without a long leisurely float in the beautiful blue waters of Lake McKenzie. Make sure you grab a National Parks and Beaches permit.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets. Beautiful beaches, fishing, and 4WD tracks make for an amazing weekend getaway. Once you’ve visited Moreton Island you’ll be hooked for life. Click here to book your next Moreton Island escape.  

Gordon Country 4WD

With over 4,000 acres of rugged mountain vistas and lush landscapes, it’s no wonder Gordon Country has earned a reputation as an excellent place for all kinds of 4WD. Whether you’re an experienced driver or you’re just discovering this thrilling past-time, like our friend Glenda, there’s something here to satisfy all types of drivers.