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13 Of Australia’s Best Ocean Pools That You Must Visit In 2021


In Australia, long-standing ocean pools are a big deal on the eastern seaboard. A surge in saltwater swimming hit the east coast in the early 1920s which meant coastal locals far and wide carved out over 100 ocean pools which can all be enjoyed today. From here, Aussie’s have also found some summer refuge in naturally-formed ocean pools too so keep reading on for the best ocean pools in Australia.

Kings Beach Pool


Located on the bustling shoreline of Caloundra, Kings Beach Pool is by no means a natural ocean pool but it sure will take your breath away. The 25-metre lap pool is filled with seawater and has all the shade sails for when you need a bit of respite from all the sunshine.

Hamersley Pool

Western Australia

Hamersley Pool is a mecca for scuba divers. Located on North Beach, this natural ocean pool reaches a depth of almost 10 feet. The kicker? It has its own mini waterfall.

Anastasia’s Pool

Western Australia

Another natural rock pool, Anastasia’s Pool is an ocean beauty in Western Australia’s Broome. While this pool was severely damaged back in 2014 by wild weather, it’s still worth a visit because when the tide is low enough, you’ll actually be able to spot dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point which are thought to be around 130 million years old.

Mettams Pools

Western Australia

This beautiful reef pool shapes out a shallow lagoon and you’ll actually find a decent crew of fish swimming here. It’s constantly sheltered by reef as well which makes it a great place to go snorkelling.

Cape Paterson Rock Pool


Located on Victoria’s Cape Paterson Beach (on the Bass Coast) is Cape Paterson Rock Pool. When the tide sinks low enough, this human-made rock pool emerges and it’s a super stunning place to be when the sunrises too.

Wylie’s Baths

New South Wales

Wylie’s Bath’s is by far one of the most beautiful and historic ocean pools in Australia. The coastal lap pool is shaped out of rock and sports an enduring beach vibe of the 70s.

Giles Baths

New South Wales

Sitting exactly opposite Wylie’s Baths on Sydney’s Coogee Beach is Giles. This rocky ocean pool has undergone some recent upgrades adding a number of metal handrails and platforms to make the ocean pool more accessible. It takes more of a wave beating than Wylie’s but sports big rock boulders many locals like to jump off.

Bondi Icebergs

New South Wales

Bondi Icebergs is definitely the poster child of all ocean pools in Sydney and packs a small price to be enjoyed as well (which is worth it when you scope a 270-degree view of Bondi anywhere you stand). Here you’ll find an Olympic-size lap pool, a smaller wading pool and in true Bondi form, a sauna to use in winter as well.

Fairy Bower Pool

New South Wales

This triangle-shaped ocean pool in Sydney was built by residents back in 1929 when ocean pools and saltwater swimming were living out their glory days in the harbour city. It’s a popular place to stop for a dip in summer when doing the resident coastal walk here.

The Merewether Baths

New South Wales

You’ll find Merewether Baths in the coastal town of Newcastle and this ocean pool packs some serious historic punch. As the biggest seawater bath of its kind in Australia, Merewether has been a popular place to swim since the late 19th Century. It’s split into a 50-metre racing pool (with diving blocks) and a smaller and shallower ocean pool closer to shore.

Bronte Baths

New South Wales

There’s not much the Bronte Baths doesn’t tick off. At this ever-famous ocean pool, you can do everything from a couple of laps, sunbaking on its surrounding rocks, you can kickstart an epic coastal walk all the way to Bondi Beach (and back again) or even hit the iconic Bronte Kiosk just a short stroll away for a Paddle Pop or two. This ocean pool stretches to 20 metres and has a floating wall on the north end you can tumble turn on. It’s a top spot to hang out morning or evening and you’ll always find people hitting the ocean pool after dark too (thanks to its spotlights which light up the pool at night).

Forster Ocean Baths

New South Wales

This perfectly glassy ocean pool officially opened back in the 1930s and it’s harvested a cult following of regular swimming enthusiasts ever since. Back in the day, Forster Ocean Baths actually boasted a tea garden and dance hall but now this rectangular-shaped enclave is just a seawater paradise worthy of a few morning laps.

Blue Pool

New South Wales

This epic ocean pool in NSW basically rises up out of the ocean. As a natural ocean rock pool, this one sits at the base of a dramatic cliffside and is perfect for summertime snorkelling.