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Visit the Town of 1770 with Jayco Brisbane Camperland


So what do Captain James Cook and I have in common? Well, we are both adventurers and at the end of this weekend, I will be able to say we have both spent some time on the aptly named Discovery Coast at the town of 1770. So named because of Jimmy’s little sojourn into Bustard Bay the town to this day remains a sleepy little outpost which looks north over Eurimbulah National Park.


Now here’s a tip caravanner’s…there are a few north-facing caravan parks heading up the Queensland Coast which are perfectly protected locations from the predominantly southeasterly trades. This one is a beauty well worth a visit particularly if you like fishing, but more on that soon.

A truly historic beach camping grounds at 1770

The Jayco Journey slotted in perfectly here complete with ensuite air con and all the trimmings and there were a few around me with definite van envy but you know what they say …It doesn’t matter how good or big your rig is there is always someone who’s got one better. Like my mate Luke’s Dad, who has lowered the dolly wheel at the other end of the beach Agnes Water Caravan park about 5km’s away.

Absolute Beachfront Camping, it doesn’t get much better

Luke and his Dad enjoy a lot of father-son time together boating camping and fishing and as you can see with both being technical engineers, they are fastidious about their gear. Luke and I are up early to wet a line and take in the beauty of this amazing part of the Queensland coastline, its a fishing mecca whether you are going wide or flicking around the banks and mangroves.

After spending a bit of time in this neck of the woods it amazes me how Captain Cook was able to get the crew back onto the endeavour and on their merry way north again. Jimmy does return each year however for the 1770 Captain Cook Festival and you can find out all about that here.

If you would like to cool your heels in town for a while this 1770 Camp Ground is the spot to be. And the way to do it in comfort and style is in a Jayco Journey Outback from Brisbane Camperland. For the full range of Jayco Vans pop tops, campers and motorhomes head to the Brisbane Camperland website. Don’t forget to check out Episode 7 of the Campr series for a full rundown of what to do while you’re at 1770.

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