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Fraser Island Driving Checklist

Fraser Island is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, long beaches, freshwater lakes and creeks. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world so just getting around requires a bit of planning. If your planning on a bit of four-wheel driving remember there is limited fuel on the island and your consumption of […]

Brisbane 4×4 Show Promo

One of the best ways to compare brands be it caravans, boats, cars, rods or offroad gear is to head along to one of the big off-road leisure shows that regularly to the rounds of our larger cities. It’s at events like these that you can see things up close that you have only seen […]

Fraser Island & Lake Mckenzie

Fraser Island, where rainforests and sand dunes merge in one place, it is the perfect place to stimulate your sense of wonder. No visit to the island is complete without a long leisurely float in the beautiful blue waters of Lake McKenzie.   Located off the East Coast of Australia, Fraser Island is the worlds […]

Moreton Island Attractions

Moreton Island is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets. Beautiful beaches, fishing, and 4WD tracks make for an amazing weekend getaway. Once you’ve visited Moreton Island you’ll be hooked for life. One of three Natural sand barrier island which protect Moreton Bay & Brisbane from the mite of the pacific ocean. A fishing and four-wheel driving […]

Gordon Country 4WD Tracks

With over 4,000 acres of rugged mountain vistas and lush landscapes, it’s no wonder Gordon Country has earned a reputation. The Gordon Country property is an excellent place for all kinds of 4WD. Known for its meandering creeks, lush grassy campsites and abundance of firewood. It is also known for its Motorama 4X4XMore Club Tagalong […]

Tenterfield Campsite

There is something about driving into Tenterfield that takes you back to another era, the old buildings and the homes that seem frozen in time. The surprising lack of “Big Macafication” which gives you a sense of driving smack bang into 1973. Not a lot has changed since then, it’s a great feeling and one […]