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Adventure Way is an Australian outback route between the Queensland city of Brisbane and Innamincka in South Australia. The Adventure Way, Queensland route is 1,152 kilometres in distance and takes around 96 hours to complete, allowing time for sightseeing, food, and rest. The team retraces the tracks of Cobb & Co, as we traverse through the unique and vast country land.

What was once rutted tracks taken by horse and carriage is now mostly bitumen road. Aside from 154km of dirt tracks, this trip can be taken by those even in two-wheel drive.  The Campr team had an amazing trip riding around outback Queensland and South Australia. So much so that we have picked out our Top 5 favourite stops along Adventure Way:

1. Burke & Wills Dig Tree

One of Australia’s national icons, the Burke and Wills Dig Tree is a heritage-listed, blazed, eucalyptus tree at Nappa Merrie Station, Queensland, Australia. The tree is believed to be over 250 years old. Spectacular for its old man carving which look as if he is wearing a hood of the trunk around his head.

Situated around 300km from Thargominda, Nappa Merrie is a very historical place with a capacity to run on average around 13,000 head of cattle. These numbers can get significantly higher depending on optional seasonal conditions.

First settled in 1871, John Conrick who drove cattle from Warrnambool took up the original holding. Around 10 years after Burk & Wills travelled through the region. The coolibah tree marked camp 65 and is where they decided to bury provision leaving dig instructions carved into the tree trunk.

Burke and wills dig tree along Adventure Way
Burke and Wills Dig Tree

2. Thargomindah

The town of Thargomindah is found in the Shire of Bulloo, Queensland. Thargomindah was the 3rd town in the world to have electric street lights— pretty impressive for an outback Australian town! Before visiting the tourist attractions around town, make sure you call into the VIC.

If you’re looking for historic tourist attractions, you’ll learn lots about the Hydro Power Plant Display, the old Thargomindah Hospital and Leahy House. With Hotel/Motel and well-appointed caravan park, you’ll have a perfect country town to pull up at for the night, with all being located in the centre of town.

Thargomindah QLD

3. Eulo

Eulo, known as the “Montville of the Outback”, is an opal-mining town in the Shire of Paroo, South West Queensland. The town produces breath-taking works of art and beautiful opals. Not only famous for their opals, but the town is also known for the “Eulo Queen” and the hotel named after her.

Whilst in the town you can visit the Air Raid Shelter built at Eulo during WW2, enjoy the natural release valves of the artesian basin, visit the artesian mud bath, and spend time fishing, relaxing and birdwatching on the Paroo River. The last remaining free-flowing river in the northern part of the Murray – Darling Basin.

4. Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla is a South West Queensland town best known for their late August music festival and being home to the Cunnamulla Fella. Located on the banks’ fo the Warrego River, Cunnamulla is an unexpected and scenic oasis with beautiful streetscapes, activities and picturesque country town.

This diverse town full of native flora and fauna is a must-see for nature enthusiasts. The Cunnamulla bushlands offer gorgeous ecosystems whilst Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary provides over 200 bird species for bird watchers to enjoy.

With other activities in and around town, you can enjoy bushwalks, fishing, sandboarding, cruises along the river, grab a bite to eat around town or take an industry tour.

Cunnamulla Fella Queensland
Cunnamulla Fella

5. St George

St George is a pleasant rural town located on the Balonne River. The service centre has vast flatlands of the Darling Downs stretching beyond the Great Dividing Range. St George has many hidden treasures at The Unique Egg with a range of rare emu egg artworks.

Another star feature of St George is the 2km stretch of shady riverside walkway which begins below the Jack Taylor Weir. Along the walk, you can find exercise equipment, information on fishing and birds species which are unique to the area.

As serious campers and 4WD enthusiasts, you can’t go past the Thrushton National Park. The park is located around 40km north-east of Bollon. You can access the park via dirt roads.

St George Egg
The Unique Egg

If you plan on taking an Outback Queensland trip check out our Top 5 Adventure Way locations for some planning inspiration. Also take a look at our Top 5 Stops on the Warrego way.

A: Innamincka, SA, B: Burke and Wills Dig Tree, C: Noccundra Hotel, D: Thargomindah QLD, E: Eulo QLD, F: Cunnamulla QLD, G: St George QLD

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