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Explore Apex Park, Moura – Camping & Fishing Park


We are spending a bit of time in a place you probably normally rush through to get to somewhere else. This amazing place has all you would ever need for extended camping or touring holiday and none of the crowds. As river camps go this one is a beauty! Apex Park in Moura sits on a part of the Dawson that thrives with Yellow Belly and other native species thanks to the good work of the local fish stocking association.


Caravan camp and Aper Park
Apex Park has all you would ever need for an extended camping or touring holiday

Banana of Banana Shire

The Banana Shire has really opened its doors to tourists and travellers looking for a natural back to basics type adventure holiday. At the crossroads of the Dawson and Leichhardt Highway stands this big fellow. The town that bears the shires name offers free sites to weary travellers.

Now, it may be surprising to hear, but the town of Banana, in the Banana Shire does not in fact grow bananas. It all comes back to a Bullock. Yellow in colour, this bullock was named Banana, which is how the town ended up with its name.

Banana from banana shire at Apex Park
A statue of the Bullock the town Banana was named after

Apex Park, Moura

Just down the road in Moura, the council has gazetted the use of this park for caravanners and travellers for stopovers to encourage people to stay a few days, have a look around, go for a bit of fishing and learn about the small town of Banana.

Fish for Yellow Belly at the Apex Park, moura
Apex Park sits on a section of the Dawson that thrives with Yellow Belly

For more information check out the OQTA website: https://www.outbackqueensland.com.au. The Sandstone Wonders website is also worth a look for detailed information on the region: https://sandstonewonders.com/discover/camping-apex-park/

Don’t forget to check out our guide to the Banana Shire and the Sandstone Wonders region here.

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