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200 Series LandCruiser – Check Out The Latest ARB Aftermarket Add-Ons


The opportunity to take this 200 Series LandCruiser and add all the armour that ARB can throw at it. These aftermarket accessories leave this vehicle looking like it’s on steroids. Let’s start off with this stuff you can’t see. Long-range tanks, diff locks, tow points lift kits and suspension might sound like overkill, but I can assure you once you’ve lived with a few of life’s little luxuries you just won’t go back.

ARB’s product range contains a number of different accessories, from vehicle specific applications to accessories suitable for any type of vehicle. As the 200 Series LandCruiser is ideal for bulking up, we take a look at the latest and greatest in 4WD accessories and what ARB had done to their 200 Series LandCruiser.

ARB 200 Series LandCruiser with 4x4 aftermarket accessories
ARB 200 Series Landcruiser with all the bells and whistles

ARB 200 Series LandCruiser 4WD Accessory Add-Ons

Under The Hood

  • Dual Battery – Providing peace of mind, the dual battery system allows you to power your accessory add-ons without flattening your main battery.
  • Solar Systems – By connecting your dual battery to your Solar System, you can run your camping accessories for days without worry of completely draining your backup power. As well as being convenient and easy to use.
  • Fuel Tanks & Storage – An easy solution for increasing your range when off-road. With 185 L diesel capacity, the Frontier tank offers 140L more than the ARB OE unit.
  • Air-lockers – Designed to enhance traction in any terrain. With front and rear lockers available, you’ll be assured quality with its 5-year warranty.
  • Old Man Emu 4x4 Suspension – This 4X4 suspension has extremely good off-road capabilities, great for long-distance touring and heavy-duty towing. With Multiple height options along with increasing load-carrying, the Old Emu significantly improves control and handling.
  • Under Vehicle Protection – If you’re planning on doing a lot of beach driving and 4WDing, under vehicle protection could offer your vehicle the extra protection you need from rocks, stumps, ruts and other obstructions you may come across.
  • Recovery Points – Ever questioned the mounting locations on your vehicle or been confused about the selection of rated shackles? Have peace of mind and safety with the recovery points that are always reliable. The ARB recovery point offers an engineered recovery train with 4.75 tonne rated bow shackle.
ARB Suspension System
ARB Old Man Emu 4X4 Suspension System

On the Frame

  • Safari Snorkel – Ensure clean, dry air with the ARB Safari Snorkel. Protecting your engine from Dust, Snow, Water and any other kind of terrain.
  • Bull Bars – Improve your protection on rural and remote travels with the ARB Bull Bars. Protect against animal strikes, bangs and dings with this solid base. Perfect for mounting other accessories including driving lights, winches, antennas and more.
  • Side Rails – Side rails protect vulnerable side panels against rocks and look debris on the road. Side rails also improve access to both cabins and rooftop cargo.
  • Roof Racks & Roof Bars – Valuable and versatile. A handy addition to any truck, they offer an ideal solution for any recreational or commercial application along with extra storage that doesn’t fit inside your truck.
  • Driving Lights – ARB offer a wide range of lighting options for your vehicle, however, the NightHawk & IPF lights are designed to perform in absolutely any condition. Along with the rear vision kits, you’ll be able to see any obstructions well before you reach them.
  • Rear Protection: Towing & Wheel Carriers – Offering protection to your rear panels, this heavy-duty towing system offers owners the ability to relocate their spare tyre, additional fuel or water carrier and more.
  • Winch – Engineer and manufactured to the highest standard, these winches can pull you out of a steep mountain track, thick mud, sweltering desert conditions and more. These ARB winches are known for their reliability, durability and performance.
Landcruiser Bull Bar
This 200 Series has it all, Long range tanks, diff locks, tow points, lift kits, bull bar and suspension

Inside Accessories

  • UHF Radios – These radios pack a lot of features in quite a compact product. Its features include a large tri-colour backlit display, selcall and an all-new microphone, packed in a modern dust and waterproof casing.
  • GPS – With High-resolution display you can pinch and zoom for a clearer closer look at your screen. With the new Hema Navigation System, you can find any campsite, caravan park, facility and more.
  • Reverse Cameras – Increasing safety and ease of stress. When reversing in any situation, the ARB reversing camera offers an extended vision to the rear, side, roof and front of your vehicle.
  • Linx System – A modern and unique controller the Linx helps declutter your dashboard. With centralised command, this product replaces switches, gauges and monitors into one smart interface.
  • Air Compressors – Whether your deflating tyres for the beach or inflating them for city driving. Everything is made easier with the ARB air compressor.
  • Drawers & Cargo Solutions – No matter whether you’re going for a weekend away or for a trip up to the Cape, ARB as a wide range of drawers and barrier systems to fit all your items in a compact and organised system.
  • Recovery Equipment – From snatch straps to jacks, recovery kits and Trax. ARB has got you covered for any and all recovery equipment.
  • General Accessories Kit – An essential for any 4WD

As the 200 Series comes back to earth, it’s easier to see what an ARB makeover can do for the functionality, practicality, safety and look of your vehicle. This LandCruiser could take you to the Kimberley, Cape York or the Simpson Desert. You name it and it most probably will at some point in its life.

200 Series Landcruiser
200 Series LandCruiser with all the armour ARB could throw at it

We thought we’d use it where most vehicles get used the most, and that’s on the blacktop. With the ARB aftermarket accessories that we’ve shown you today, you’ll have a vehicle that ticks every conceivable box. What most people could ever want from a four-wheel drive. Or should that be a time-travelling space machine?

ARB Capalaba is one of a stack of ARB stores around the country head to the website to find your local ARB store. For more details on ARB accessories and what you’ll need on the road, head to our other article.

ARB Deluxe Bull Bar

Old Man Emu 4x4 Suspension

Under vehicle protection

Recovery Points Mount

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