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ARB Intensity Lights Review & Specifications


As the sun sets on another perfect Fraser Island day we thought we might grab our mate Swifty’s truck and head down onto the beach and have a look at the amazing lighting system he’s added to his 79 series. Have been engineered in Australia, you know you’re getting a good quality light system. These ARB Intensity LED Driving lights have been specifically designed for demanding 4WD requirement to tackle and light any kind of terrain. These Lights are an exceptional choice due to their white light and indestructible polycarbonate lens.


Lights have changed so much over the last few years, these days they draw nothing but can turn night into day. Just to give you an idea of what is standard and what some aftermarket light love looks like we brought the ranger down to the beach and parked it next to Swifty’s truck. Time for a light off! We take a look at the Ranger lights verse the ARB intensity V2 LED lights.

ARB Intensity V2 LED Lights
ARB Intensity Lights are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions

ARB Intensity V2 LED Lights

The ARB Intensity Lights come with the latest LED technology. The lights feature high wattage LEDs which delivers greater control and focus for the eye to see. Unlike the ARB High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, the LEDs range doesn’t take time to warm up. The broad field of light helps defuse vibration which is great for corrugated roads.

The ARB Intensity lights have been tested to ensure a 3m submersion depth, along with passing military specifications for vibration. Ensuring they last along extended periods of time in extreme conditions. These intensity lights are the perfect addition to your vehicle which are sure to shine a light on any road trip situation.

V2 LED Lights
Bright, energy-efficient, and durable

ARB Intensity LED Specifications

In the ARB range, there are 4 different types of Intensity LED lights. There are two types of spot beams, the AR32 and the AR21 spot beam, along with an AR32 and AR21 flood beam. The input sits at 10-36V DC across all four products, along with the colour temperature which is 5700K. You also have the option to get light protector which help protect you from the elements whilst also protecting your lights from scratches and UV resistance. You can get them in 3 colours including clear, amber and solid black.

AR 32 V2 Flood & Spot Beams

Current Draw: 11.5A at 14.4V

Operating Temperature: -40°c to 63°C

Weight: 3.1kg

Power: 165W

Output: 20,000 raw lumens

Spread: Spot Beam – 6° | Flood Beam 7.5°

AR21 V2 Flood & Spot Beams

Current Draw: 7.3A at 14.4V

Operating Temperature: -40°c to 63°C

Weight: 2.5kg

Power: 105W

Output: 13,170 raw lumens

Spread: Spot Beam – 6° | Flood Beam 7.5°


If you plan on doing a lot of driving at night be it beach or bush, it would definitely pay to talk to the crew at ARB about the variety of lighting options for your car. Your local ARB Store will fit your truck out with ARB intensity lights for its next adventure, head online to find your local stockist.

ARB Intensity Lights

ARB Linx System

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