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ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic 2018: Day 4


The Moreton Island Fishing Classic is an annual event that draws beach fisherman from all around the country to share in over $60,000 in prizes. But there are many who would say just being there is a reward in itself. While the fishing has been pretty light for the last few days, we have decided to get serious this morning. Weather conditions are perfect for an eastern beach raid so we gear up and head out along the middle road to look for a good gutter.

The drive across the island via the middle track is the most direct. We punch out 7kms later we turn south to hook up with a few of the ARB Team who came over earlier this morning. With a light offshore wind blowing and all that white sand and blue water before us its one of those typically perfect Moreton days. And while we might not be catching too many there certainly is the odd decent fish around like this Golden Trevally these blokes just caught as we were driving by. Right then! If they can catch that with half a pilly on gang hooks then so can I. So we cast…we wait…we change rigs and bait…and…nothing.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

On days like this seeing Moreton and the ocean in all its pristine glory, it reinforces this idea of protecting and preserving what we have here in this country. When you look at other beaches and oceans around the world and the way they have been trashed. I just hope we are able to keep places like this protected for our kids and our kid’s kids. No fish here so we are off! yesterdays lunch stop just past Blue Lagoon was such a nice spot to stop we have decided to do it again. Helen is on lunch duty and today its Pizza for lunch!

After all that Pizza an opportunity to stretch our legs sounds like a good idea and so we decided a visit to the Cape Moreton Lighthouse at the very northeast tip of Moreton. The Cape Moreton Lighthouse was the state’s first lighthouse and was established in 1857. It marks the Northern entrance to Moreton Bay. The two red bands on its exterior serve as a daymark to passing ships. A trip to Moreton somehow doesn’t seem complete without a lighthouse visit no matter how many times you visit. Plus there is the added bonus of whale, manta and turtle spotting while you are there!

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

The sunset cruise back to Bulwer beckons and the run along Moreton Northern Coast today is a beauty. From North Point to Yellowpatch and then along Taylor Bight round Comboyuro Point and set up for the show. A serious sunsetters session. We’ve got fire cheese platters a few beers and the sunset over the water. Sunsetters is another Moreton Island tradition with everyone heading to the western beach every afternoon for the sunset with a drink in hand.

The ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic comes around the start of September every year. I did tell you this is a fishing tournament right? Micat can get you to Moreton and MIA can sort you for accommodation for the classic and most other things. And if you need a few of the extras you have seen today on some of these vehicles your local ARB store has got you covered.

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