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BarraCrab Caravan Park with Jayco Brisbane Camperland


There are lots of ways to enjoy a caravan adventure. Just getting away from it all and putting your feet up is enough for some. Then there are others who truly want to use their home away from home to deliver them life experiences they just can’t get living in suburbia. Now it has taken me a couple of cruisey days to get here stopping in Bundy on my way up which of course is the great joy of towing your home behind you..the F-word people…freedom. Freedom to go and do what you want to do. But we have finally arrived at our destination of BarraCrab Caravan Park, with my Jayco Journey Outback a van which is perfectly designed for this type of trip.

The Barra Crab Caravan Park in Clairview is about 100k’s south of the Sugarcane town of Mackay on the North Queensland coast and as the name suggests they like their seafood up this way. Julie is the manager of the park and she says BarraCrab is heaven on earth! My Jayco Journey takes pride of place on a site only meters away from the ocean. The model comes complete with ensuite and shower making me completely self-sufficient, air con, twin beds, designer kitchen and all the mod cons for easy living.

clairview camping
BarraCrab Caravan Park in Clairview, 100k’s south of Mackay

The Barra Crab Caravan Park

At the Bruce Highway’s first and only view of the ocean between Bowen and the Gold Coast. This family-owned and run caravan park is absolutely beachfront. Enjoy relaxing walks along the beach, great fishing with its unique and friendly vibes. This beautiful stretch of coastline offers calm beaches, soft broad waters and magnificent wildlife. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to through a line in, you can ask management for advice or head out on one of their water tours to catch some fresh seafood,

The park offers a wide selection of accommodation from caravan sites, camping ground and beautiful bungalows. Enjoy this beachfront living where you can catch the sunset and sunrise over the ocean whilst relaxing in this stress-free environment. The caravan and campsites offer access to all the Barracrab facilities including the Beach Bar, a powered and unpowered site, amenities and camp kitchen.

The bungalows offer a great location, views and price, along with access to the Beach Bar. Guests can select either an ensuite or non-ensuite bungalow, whilst all come with linen and towels. For more information about their camping and bungalow prices, simply head to the BarraCrab Caravan Park website.

On Water Tours

The really eye-catching thing about this place is its proximity to water, I am snuggled up right next to the Coral Sea. Now with all this water and a name like BarraCrab you reckon there would be a local fisherman or crabber about who would be keen to show me around.

Enter Bill and his mate Showy, Showy by name and by nature. Showy is in the process of offering tours through the Barra Crab caravan park to people who might be keen to spend a bit of time with him having fun in the North Queensland sun. And it’s looking like some time spent with these guys might be a good investment.

We have snared plenty of big legal bucks today and it’s a good bet this afternoon’s sunset will look and taste even better back at the park with a mud crab claw in one hand and a cold drink in the other.

Barracrab Caravan Park beach views
The really eye-catching thing about this place is its proximity to water

Delicious…The BarraCrab Caravan Park is at Clairview on the Bruce Highway just past St Lawrence if you’re heading North. If you stay seven nights they will only charge you for six. When you’re booking your stay book a tour with Showey for a fun and educational day on the water.

Don’t forget to check out Episode 10 of the Campr series for the guide on things to do at BarraCrab Caravan Park. And if you would like to see more of the Jayco Journey Outback or any of the other Vans in the Jayco range, head to the Brisbane Camperland website.

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