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ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic: Day 2


Welcome back to our Moreton Island fishing classic adventure. The tournament started at midnight last night after a big welcome to Bulwer with all the competitors from the ARB and the MIA Castaways team. This morning we have rolled out of town along the track that heads east towards Cape Moreton and the famous lighthouse. A few of the ARB team have tagged along in some very decked out vehicles to do some beach fishing.


Beach Fishing On Moreton Island

We take a left turn just shy of North Point down onto the beach on a spectacular Moreton Island day!! With the plan to fish for some whiting and bream, we cast our lines out in the hope of catching something worth weighing at the end of the day. The ARB Fishing Classic is such a great event for adults and children alike. Growing in stature, the event includes people of all ages. If you want to teach the kids some fishing, the MIFC is a perfect event for teaching your kids how to fish. And you can’t get better waters to learn in than the beaches of Moreton Island.

With prizes for Whiting, Bream, Tailor, Mulloway Jewfish and even Dart, we set out for a great day on the beach. Nice and protected from the southeasterly winds, we’re fishing very light with a long shank hook, light sinker and a short rod, which is perfect for catching a few whiting.

Moreton Island Beach Fishing
MIFC Day 2

The Sea-Doo Watercraft

However, not all of us are here for the fishing, Garry Woodhead is a man who loves his toys and also loves to go fast. He brought something along that ticks all the boxes. This Sea-Doo goes from 0 to 100 clicks in less than 4 secs and conditions for that sort of speed today are perfect. I must admit the fishing is going much slower than the Sea-Doo. Really slow in fact, but with weather like this no one is complaining. It’s becoming a very social day and it’s easy to see why the ARB team love being involved in this amazing tournament. Scott Jennings loves his fishing and will cast all day regardless of the result you may remember Scott in a recent episode of Campr hooking into largemouth nannies off Cairns. The action is a fair way from that but, regardless Scott is definitely enjoying himself.

As the day rolls on and the tide ebbs and flows we use our vehicles for the purposes in which they were intended awnings, fridges, camp chairs and tables make for a day at the beach that will be hard to forget. Fact is when you are fully self-sufficient you can stay out on the beach from sunrise till sunset and as family and friends gather around for sunsetters as it’s known on Moreton. Outcomes the cheese, bickies, a beer, a glass of wine and finally a fire on the beach. It doesn’t get any better!

The Moreton Island Fishing Classic is on at the start of spring next year. The Team at ARB can Trick your fourby up to get you there. Book Moreton Island Accommodation or the Micat here: https://bookings.moretonislandadventures.com.au/

For more action surrounding the ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic, head to our article on the Moreton Island Gutter Bar.

Moreton Island Fishing Classic

Beach driving
ARB crew at the Moreton Island
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