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Best Beach Towels For Every Occasion


Living in a mainly coastal country, or at least one that understands the importance of a beach or a body of water to chill out/cool off in, we know how important your beach towel is. Used for drying, relaxing, makeshift blanket and even picnics. We have compiled a list of the best towels for every situation. 

For Chilling Out At The Water

Sumoii, The Summer Chaser

If you plan on doing a lot of sunbaking or heading to the beach this summer then you might want to try the Sumoii or The Summer Chaser towels. The Sumoii changed the entire beach towel game with their decision to add sand ‘weights’ to the corners of their towels. Gone are the days of putting something on the edge of each corner to stop your towel from blowing away, these wights in the corners will hold your towel down for you! They along with The Summer Chaser have added a privacy pocket so that you can make sure your phone, keys, wallet etc. anything that you might be worried about leaving whilst you cool down in the water.

For Hiking or Packing

Turkish Towels

You may have heard about Turkish towels and how incredible they are. If you haven’t these are ‘super towels,’ seriously light, soft and seriously absorbent. They are great for anyone having to pack for the whole family for the beach or for a trip away. Also highly recommended for hikers or anyone who is wishing to do a very long walk to a waterfall or swimming hole and have to lug all their stuff with them! Find them at Turkish Towel Co or at Sammimi’s.

For Picnics or More Space

Round Towels

Prefer to have picnics on the beach or just wishing for a bigger beach towel? Round towels are definitely the best beach towel for you this summer! Round towels are typically bigger than rectangular giving you more towel to dry off with and more space for you, your friends and your snacks. Not to mention it’s easier to find in the crowd when you’re looking out from the water! Most major Australian retailers are now selling round towels, our favourites are Kmart, City Beach, David Jones.

For The Busy


The towel that’s all over Instagram and everyone is obsessed with, Tesalate. This towel is sand-free – no, really – no sand sticks to it! Gone are the days of rapidly shaking your towel at the end of the day and getting sand all over your friends and family. They’re also really lightweight, compact and absorbent. These beach towels dry really quickly making them ideal for a vacation away and you have limited packing space but are using your towel often. Tesalate is good for anyone in a rush, limited bag space, and for those who love the beach but hate the sand!

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