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The Best Christmas Gift Guide For Beginner Campers


Ahhh, camping. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful country, get in touch with nature and take a break from the craziness of ‘real life.’ with international travel off the cards more and more people are looking to experience their backyard and getting in touch with the great outdoors. 

If someone in your life has just gotten into camping and you’re stuck on what to get them for Christmas, we are here to help! This list is full of items that they may have forgotten or some smaller things that are worth a little bit of a splurge!

Tarp Or A Camp Rug

The tarp can be multi-use! Hang it up and save your campsite from wet weather but also can be used on the ground as a mat to keep all the camping supplies and you as clean as possible! They aren’t expensive so definitely works if your budget is small or in a combined present! 

We like the tarps from BCF, Bunnings and the Anaconda or Kmart Picnic Rugs.

Camp Stove

With camping in Australia, especially over the summertime, you encounter a fair few fire bans in national parks, a great Christmas present is a camp stove that they can always bring with them!

Our top choices are this combination stove from Supercheap Auto or this Anaconda Fuel Stove

Good Camp Chairs

One of the best parts of camping is relaxing on a camp chair with a nice drink in your hand, a good quality camp chair is a perfect gift for someone whose idea of relaxation is that scene exactly! 

We recommend these Oztrail chairs – The Titan Arm Chair and the Resort 5 Position Chair

Coffee Machine

A coffee maniac in Australia is not someone who can go a single day without a ‘decent cup of coffee’ and that can be hard to find in the middle of a national park or the beach. This Wacaco Nanospresso can bring the coffee shop to the camper! 

Solar Powered Charger

Whilst we may head out and camp to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the grid, it is handy having a portable charger to take pictures or to talk to family, or even as a just in case of emergency. Finding an outlet and not losing battery from your car can be difficult that’s why a solar powered one works a treat! 

These chargers from Jaycar and Kmart are affordable and perfect for keeping you on the grid.

Yeti Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle that will keep your water properly cold and hot! This gift is perfect for the new camper in your life especially if they’re going to be camping over summer. 

Muk Mat

Something they may not have thought of but will appreciate is a muk mat! The muk mat is a mat specially designed to keep the dirt, sand, muk outside the car, tent or caravan. 


A must-have for any camper or outdoorsman, a cooler. Keep the food and the beers cold, one of the most important things when camping! We recommend these bad boys.

The classic Aussie esky, a collapsible cooler and the easy to carry wheeled cooler.

Air Mattress

If you’re camping for one night or 7 you’ll need a good mattress! Air mattresses have come along way in the past few years and we can guarantee that you won’t be waking up on a deflated mattress in the morning, especially if you get the Dune 4WD Mat

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