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Explore Big Red, Birdsville QLD


You can’t visit Birdsville without a visit to what is essentially the gateway to the Simpson Desert. An iconic mound of sand warmly referred to as Big Red. She is the first of 1100 sand dunes that run east to west across the heart of Oz. Now, while not everyone that climbs her 210-metre peak will continue west on an all-conquering safari. She’s a must-visit for a cold drink and a sunset that’s worth the 1000 plus kilometres drive from wherever you came.


Martin Josselyn is a local who loves taking people out for a sqizz at Big Red in his ARB decked out 79 series Landcruisers. So one tip we would offer up is that it’s much easier to do it from the east side than the west. But I reckon there’s nothing better than having a crack yourself! And when you do conquer it, you will be jumping for joy! Who would have thought you could have this much fun and make so many new mates just playing in the sand. But that’s Big Red for you.

The iconic sand dune known as ‘Big Red’

Bring a bottle of champagne and enjoy the sunset with family, friends or as part of a tour. Not to mention, if you’re here for the ‘Big Red Bash’ or ‘Birdsville Races’ you’ll share its beauty with hundreds of other locals and first time Outback travellers.

The heritage-listed Birdsville Hotel

AATT will take you to Big Red and beyond if you’re up for it and Martin’s cars are dressed from head to toe in ARB aftermarket product. You can see the range at your local ARB Store. Don’t forget to check out Episode 13 of the Campr series for more 4x4 action at Big Red.

Dean Miller - Campr Dean has been a trailblazer in the adventure television space for more than 15 years. With a passion for fishing, forged as a young fella growing up on Groote Eylandt NT, the only thing he loves more than boating, camping and touring is sharing a yarn.