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Bluff Creek, Kenilworth – Camping & 4WD With Motorama


At first glance, Bluff Creek is very civilised. Located only 8kms out of the picturesque hinterland town of Kenilworth, Bluff Creek is about 2hours drive from the north-west of Brisbane. Home to dairy and cattle farms, Kenilworth is smack bang in the middle of the lush Mary Valley.

Whether you believe it or not, Kenilworth is also home to rather large doughnuts! The Kenilworth Bakery is world-famous for 1kg Donut challenge and Australia’s first coffee in a doughnut. Unfortunately, we had to skip the doughnut challenge for today, as we were on our way to the Bluff Creek Campgrounds with the Motorama 4X4XMore club. Just down the road from the famous Bakery, we set up camp for another weekend of Camping and legendary 4WDriving.

Tracks around Bluff Creek Kenilworth

Bluff Creek Campgrounds

What is normally known as a small, quiet and private campground, quickly turned into a lively and excited campsite as new and old four-wheel-drive enthusiasts roll into camp.

With well-separated campsites on the property, Bluff Creek offers guests a tranquil, nature-based camping experience which offers great privacy for all their visitors. Due to being such a large group, the campsite provided us with a brilliantly large site for us to set up our homes for the weekend.

With hot showers, flushing toilets and individual fire pits, the Bluff Creek Campground really takes care of their customers. If you plan on coming in the warmer months of the year, the campgrounds also offer beautifully clear creek with abundant swimming holes and fish.

Bluff Creek Campgrounds
The Bluff Creek Campgrounds

Facilities & Activities

The campground, whilst surrounded by villages, markets artisans and more, produces exceptional opportunities and activities whilst having a secluded, far away feel as the hustle and bustle is left behind. Bluff Creek has a wide range of facilities and activities which offer enjoyment for the whole family.

  • Water availability
  • Campfires
  • BBQs
  • Swimming holes
  • Fishing
  • Picnic tables
  • Flushing toilets
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Horse Riding
  • Pets allowed with conditions

Access & How To Get There

Regularly accessible by 2WD vehicles, the Bluff Creek Campground is situated just north of Kenilworth. Follow Brooloo Road approximately 5km along the road, take the right turn onto Wilcox Road and travel for about 300m. Here you’ll find a gate and a well signed Bluff Creek Campgrounds.

Kenilworth Bluff Creek camping
Access to the campgrounds is available for 2wd vehicles

Motorama 4X4XMore Club

The event attracts four-wheel drive club members from all over Queensland as they join together for a weekend of fun activities in and around the local area. Starting from the Bluff Creek Campgrounds, there are trips rated from easy self-drive to double black diamond, which is the most difficult drive. Before making our way out on the tracks, vehicles are required to have certain items depending on the ease of their drive.

As the Bluff Creek recently received a bit of rain, the 4WD tracks weren’t the only things difficult to navigate. With the extremely muddy and slippery surfaces around the hinterlands, the tracks provided us extra opportunities to practise getting unstuck in the mud.

4wd through Bluff Creek on Motorama weekend
Get comfortable with the terrain as it could get muddy

With the help of the Mitsubishi team, you can feel safe and sure that you’re able to get out of any bad situation. The Imbil state forest and the Kenilworth State Forest also have a multitude of tracks. Along with a broad amount of terrain. The best thing about tagging along on one of these trips run by organisers, is that members get a sample of the area without the worry of getting lost or stuck.

However, whilst four-wheel-driving is the main event of the trip. Motorama weekends offers club members the chance to meet with the executive committee. As well as being able to have a laugh and make some friends with other 4WD enthusiasts.

4wd through kenilworth
Learn to manoeuvre through slippery slopes

More Information

For more information on Kenilworth, head to our article on the Motorcross Park & track to learn more. For other activities and interests around town, you can visit the Eumundi Markets. They operate and are available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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