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Bluff Creek & The Kenilworth Bakery


Motorama and their 4X4XMORE Club members have taken over the Bluff Creek Campgrounds for a weekend of good times, family fun and good old 4 wheel driving! Located just outside Kenilworth, Bluff Creek is a beautifully scenic area, with an even better camping ground. With lots of room to spread the swags, plenty of green glass, outstanding views and state forests, you sure won’t be bored here!

The team at Motorama put together some brilliant trails for us to accomplish in the forest whilst we were on our trip, and with plenty of rain, you can be sure it was a slippery one.

Bluff Creek Camping & State Forest 4WD Tracks

Bringing out some of their most experienced four-wheel drivers the Motorama team took some great time and effort to guide all the cars through any critical sections for the most part with ease. With some hairy situations along the way, Pete and the brilliant team of helpers managed to extract the car with Max Trax and some superb driving.

Unstick yourself out of the mud with Max Trax

After a full-on and fun day of driving out in the State forest, we saw some great teamwork, muddy slopes and brilliant 4-wheel driving. After a fun day out on the tracks, we eventually made our way back to camp to enjoy a few laughs and a well-earnt meal.

If you love camping and 4WD forest trails, then you can’t go past the Bluff Creek Campgrounds! The Bluff Creek campgrounds provide the perfect place to set up camp for a weekend away whilst the boys, or family make their way out for some fun in the State forest 4WD Tracks. With Brilliant facilities including showers and flushing toilets, you’ll have everything you need for an awesome camping weekend.

Bluff Creek
Cosy around a nice campfire and you enjoy the scenic vies of Bluff Creek

If you’d like to join in on the fun with Motorama and the 4X4XMORE club, all you need to do is buy a 4WD at Motorama, or have your current truck serviced regularly there.

Kenilworth Bakery

Kenilworth Bakery has made a pretty big name for themselves, having gained its reputation for its 1kg doughnut challenge. This magnificent work if full of artery hardening sugar, jam, cinnamon and cream goodness that has ladies and gents from all over, coming to try this extra sweet treat. If you love a challenge, you can line up and have a crack at the prize!

Kenilworth Bakery’s 1kg doughnut

Lucky for us, today we had a contender willing to triumph the big doughnut. Steve was our contender who clearly had eyes bigger than his stomach. After several minutes in the ring, Steve decides to tap out after only finishing 3/4 of the full doughnut. Not a terrible attempt if you ask me!

Our excellent contender Steve enjoying his doughnut

The record for this form of gluttony, however, currently stands at just over 2 minutes! Something which we’re sure won’t be beaten in a long time!

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