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Sea Fox 228 Commander

Top 5 Best features of Sea Fox 228 Commander. Campr Host Dean Miller hits the beach on Wave Break Island, Gold Coast for a Club Marine review of the amazing Sea Fox 228 Commander. This Sea Fox model has a lot to offer, so Campr has picked out 5 of its best features to give […]

The Seakeeper 2 Gyro Stabiliser

This is Seakeeper’s Signature 788 just off North West Island, 50 nautical miles to the east of Gladstone Region. Out with the team from Club Marine, we take the Seakeeper Gyro Stabiliser out for a test run. If you’ve ever had the feeling of seasickness, you know it’s enough to keep you away from boating […]

Sealver Jet Ski Boats

Sealver is the manufacturer of the Wave Boat, a recreational boat powered by a jet ski. Whatever your plans are (family cruising, jet fishing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, solo ride…) the Wave Boat is essential. A Wave Boat is not only a boat, but it is also a boat propelled by a jet ski. It takes just […]