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Lake Callide Retreat

Lake Callide Retreat is the place to be if you enjoy being just a stone’s throw from beautiful water and even better fishing! The Lake Callide retreat, operated by Banana Shire council, is in one of the Sandstone Wonders’ best camping spots.   . Lake Callide Camping Situated right on Callide Dam, the retreat made […]

Peel Island With Maritimo

Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s most protected waterways. This boat haven has a number of shelters from storms, depending on the direction of the wind. The Tangalooma Wrecks is one of the most popular, but another favourite has to be Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island. We’ve been travelling on the magnificent Maritimo M62 and […]

Maritimo Boats & Fishing

The Maritimo M62’s like this one are more used to having wine splashed on their decks than fish blood. Greg and his mate Ross love a bit fishing, so when the opportunity presented itself to wet a line well wide of Fraser Island in the Coral Sea. Well, we couldn’t resist! We are 100 nautical […]

Sealver Jet Ski Boats

Sealver is the manufacturer of the Wave Boat, a recreational boat powered by a jet ski. Whatever your plans are (family cruising, jet fishing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, solo ride…) the Wave Boat is essential. A Wave Boat is not only a boat, but it is also a boat propelled by a jet ski. It takes just […]