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Boyne Valley & Kroombit Tops National Park


Boyne Valley has some absolutely spectacular scenery, from national parks to slow running creeks and breathtaking lookouts. With the guidance of Darryl Branthwaite, we make our way up to the Kroombit tops along Cedar Bar Road, through the Razorback track and Griffith Creek. Starting in the town of Ubobo, the drop off the trailer and hit the road.

From Ubobo, you can choose to go along the razorback track or along the Cedar Bar Road track which leads you to the bottom of the Kroombit Tops National Park. If you’re into a bit more 4WDriving, the Razorback track has some pretty steep inclines and water crossings, however, it can be shut down if there has been a bit of rain. We decided to take the more relaxing track along Cedar Bar track and stop off at some of the scenic sites along the way.

4 Scenic Places To Visit in the Boyne Valley

1. Ubobo

Located in the midst of Boyne Valley, Ubobo is home to Lake Awoonga and the Ubobo Country Music Campout. The Awoonga dam is the perfect location for all family holidays, with the Lake Awoonga Resort located right next to the lake, you can campout, relax, fish, take the boat out, or adventure around town. Normally a beautifully scenic and quiet town, Ubobo also hold the annual Boyne Valley Country Music Festival.

During the first week of April, the Boyne Valley gets ready for their biggest campout of the year. With some blues, folk and a little bit of rock, family and friends from all over come to the annual Country Music Campout. The Boyne Valley Campout is the perfect place to enjoy some music and the company of friends in a relaxed environment. For more information on the Boyne Valley Country Music Campout, head to their website.

Ubobo country Music campout Boyne Valley
Ubobo Caravan SIte in Boyne Valley

2. Griffith Creek

On our way up to Kroombit Tops, we decided to stop off at a lovely little location called Griffith Creek. A perfect spot for a picnic and some lunch, you can also set up camp in the national park.

With accessible roads for conventional cars, take the unsealed Cedarvale Road west about 20km to Clifton Road. Head north for 25km to Tableland Road. Then turn left and drive a further 25km until you reach the park boundary.

Make sure you stay aware of the wildlife, cattle and horses in the areas as they may end up on the roads. It’s also good to take note of the weather if you plan to camp. The roads in the national park can become impassable in the case of wet weather.

3. Razorback Track

If you’re looking for a bit of 4WDriving whilst out in the Boyne Valley, then check out the Razorback Track. The track is known for its steep inclines and slippery sections. Be sure to check the weather before hitting the road, as the road is only safe to drive in dry conditions. If you plan on camping in the Razorback area, don’t forget to pick up a camping permit before you go. You can find and purchase these on the Kroombit Tops National Parks website.

If you do plan on camping in the Razorback area, it’s important to know that the track is only 4WD accessible. Simple Unhitch the trailer or camper at the Griffiths Creek camp area before making your way through the Razorback Track. The road can get a bit narrow and simply in parts, so make sure not to attempt it in wet weather.

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure on your trip, the Scenic 4WD loop Road has got some difficult rocky terrain. Just beware as you could be at high risk of damage when traversing through the hard terrain.

Kroombit Tops National Park Boynce Valley
Off-road adventures begin at Kroombit Tops near Biloela

4. Kroombit Tops

Standing at the top of all these other locations is the Kroombin Tops National Park. With sandstone escarpments, gorges, creeks and waterfalls provide picturesque bushwalks for any traveller. Travel the wild country and look out at the extensively large routes in which you’ve covered to reach the lookout across the national park.

The Wreckage of Beautiful Betsy

Beautiful Besty in kroombit Tops
The story of the Beautiful Betsy bomber

Take a walk through the open forest and see the remains of the WWII Liberator bomber. An aeroplane crash that collided with the mountain in 1945. Walkthrough the untouched carnage of the Beautiful Betsy which has undiscovered for around 50 years. From giant engines to the captains cabin, learn the heartbreaking love story of a cabin member and his soon to be bride. For several decades, no one had any clue what happened to the Beautiful Betsy. As the crew never made it to their final destination back in the 1940’s. To learn more about Beautiful Betsy and the cabin crew, head to our Kroombit Tops article.

Kroombit Tops Lookout

Just 100m walk to the top of Kroombit Tops lookout from the parking lot. Enjoy fantastic views from the eastern escarpment over the Boyne Valley. Being the only location on Kroombit Tops with toilets, it makes the perfect spot to stop for lunch. There are a couple of picnic tables available for visitors to sit and eat at.

The highlight of Kroombit Tops is definitely the view from the platform lookout. As it looks over the edge of the cliffs, you can see Lake Awoonga, Mount Stanley, Boyne Valley, Mount Robert and Mount Fort William.

Ubobo is a great place to base yourself for a few days. Explore the Boyne Valley and Kroombit Tops west of Gladstone. Check out the story about Ubobo Country Music Campout.

Jayco caravan for boyne valley country music campout

Ubobo Discovery Centre

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