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The History of Boyne Valley, Queensland


There’s Gold in Them There Mountains!! The Boyne Valley southwest of Gladstone is a quint little town with some interesting history behind it. We take you through the Boyne Valley to learn about its Gold Mining history and where to potentially find some gold of our own. If you don’t happen to find some gold, the Glassford creek is a golden spot for a picnic.



Goldford Creek – Gold Mine

For those that didn’t know, in the Boyne Valley is home to mountains of GOLD! It all started back in the year of 1853. A Lady named Mrs Brennon found a 3-ounce nugget on the northern slopes of the Boyne Valley Range. 10 years later the Kalliope of gold rush began. The population of the town rose to 3000 people due to the knowledge of gold in the region. If you’re feeling up for a bit of a walk, you can follow the track to the entrance of the old mine and the rest of the mine site.

The heritage-listed Glassford Creek Smelter Site


The Grand Hotel

In its first life, the grand hotel was called the railway hotel, due to it being next to a railway line. Seeing as in recent years, the pub no longer resides next to a railway, the pub was renamed Grand Hotel. The Hotel now brings in the most amount of traffic to the town.

Back in the day, the railway dam and gravity-fed water tanks were used to water the steam-driven trains, and are the only remanence of the once-popular mining town. These amazing steam-driven trains used to travel all the way up through the Outdoors Range.

Boyne Valley Grand hotel
The Grand Hotel in the Boyne Valley

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Boyne Valley Camping

Ubobo Boyne Valley

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