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Brand New Reef Discovered At The Top Of The Great Barrier Reef


Optimistic news about the Great Barrier Reef has surfaced after scientists discover a detached reef described as the size of a skyscraper. The site of the reef is 80km East of Cape Grenville in far north Queensland.

The reef is detached from the Great Barrier Reef and is hidden beneath 40 metres of water at its crest; the reef descends another 500 metres where it is bedded to the ocean floor.

Undoubtedly this is not ground breaking news to local crocs and hence diving the reef will not be ideal but the researching scientists have hedged their bets that new species could be discovered at the site.

The same team of scientists onboard the vessel “Falkor” identified the worlds longest sea creature off Western Australia – a 45-metre long siphonophore. With the help of their underwater robot named “SuBastian” it is clear the crew is up for the challenge.

Just a fortnight ago it was published that half of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals have been subject to bleaching since 1995. The discovery of deep, underwater reefs like this one is promising for conservation as they are less susceptible to bleaching, cyclones, fishing pressure and land-based pollution as Professor Terry Hughes from James Cook University explained.

The reef has been dated to be 20 million years old and researchers are keen to explore the ecosystem for more undiscovered treasures.

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