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Explore Bribie Island, Sunshine Coast


The Greater Moreton Bay Region offers a ton of recreational boating and 4WD opportunities. One of the easiest and cheapest to get to would have to be Bribie Islands Eastern Beach. The access is via Woorim on Bribie’s Southern end and the beach drive is a beauty. North towards the top of the Pumicestone Passage and you will run out of sand just shy of the Sunshine Coast beachside town of Caloundra.

The smallest and most northerly of three main sand islands which form the coastline which shelters the northern part of Moreton Bay. The other two main sand islands that help surround the Moreton Bay area are Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island. Only 34km long and 8km at its widest, this island easy to get around on in the car.

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Bribie Island Sunshine coast
Bribie offers a ton of recreational 4WD opportunities

Driving On Bribie Beaches

On a hot day like today, there are plenty of people and cars soaking up the summer sunshine…a good ad for why beach driving is becoming so popular. Sure it can require a bit of skill and some basic knowledge and that’s what the ARB team are providing here today to some of there newest customers.

With long stretches of surf shoreline on one side of the island and a calm protected coastline on the other, Bribie Island offers the best of both worlds. The surfside offers access to long and white any beaches for 4WDriving. The protected western side of the island provides soothing broad waters which are perfect for taking the family.

Bribie Island Beach in Moreton Bay
Bribie’s beach drives are top-notch

ARB Instructional Day

ARB Nundah has put the day on for anybody who is new to the pastime and wants to pick up a few pointers and it seems like most of them are loving it. After lunch, there’s a recovery session and where Roger shows the crew a few do’s and dont’s. And plenty of opportunities to ask questions and swap stories. These days are not only a great day out socially but you might even learn a thing or two.

Bribie Island is a national park so don’t forget to organise the relevant permit for your vehicle before you hit the tracks or beach.

Beach day with ARB
Making our way down Bribie Island on the ARB Instructional Day

Don’t forget to check out Episode 2 of the Campr series for the guide to driving on Bribie Island’s Beaches. For info on the next ARB Instructional Day, contact ARB Nundah or go to arb.com.au for all the details on your nearest ARB Store.

Moreton Bay 4x4 trip

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