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Bronze Dinosaur Models Are Coming To Winton!


Winton is a dusty little town in Central West Queensland and it’s said to be the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and QANTAS but dinosaurs occupied this land millions of years before Australia’s unofficial anthem was written.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is helping tell the prehistoric story of Winton and has edged one step closer to opening a brand new exhibit. Thirteen life-size dinosaur models were delivered from Thailand this week and are being assembled alongside a fossilised “sauropod trackway”. Or, it could also be described as footprints preserved in stone from bloody big t-rex looking things. Fascinating which ever side of palaeontology you fall on. 

At 17 metres in length, the largest bronze cast models are sure to tower over the kids and kids-at-heart. Other smaller dinosaurs are pictured to be of similar scale to a brush turkey and emu.

It goes without saying that the museum has been a tourism drawcard for the region and it would be worth pencilling in a stop-over for road trips out west planned for mid-2021; the “March of the Titanosaurs” exhibit is set to be complete in April.

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