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Bushranger X TRAX II Review


It’s a beautiful morning for a run to Bribie Island, Australia’s closest beachside Drive it’s the only island in Moreton Bay connected to the mainland by a bridge which makes it easy and convenient for weekend warriors to get to for all that boating camping and plenty of fishing. One of the bay’s most beautiful bodies of water the Pumicestone Passage lays to its West while to its East Bribie’s Warren Beach stretches all the way to Queensland’s famous Sunshine Coast.

Today we’ve decided to take the Colorado for a bit of a blow up the beach I know you’ll find this hard to believe but really it’s the middle of winter. If you’re new to this beach driving caper there are a couple of tricks and tips that will keep you out of trouble.

Firstly lower your tires to about 18 PSI before driving onto the beach, this will lengthen your tire footprint and lessen the risk of your getting bogged. Next, make sure you’ve disengaged your traction control which comes standard on most four-wheel drives these days.

Thirdly get yourself a set of these, the easiest and safest way to get yourself out of trouble there are lots of these devices on the market today so we thought we might take a look at these specifically from Bushranger and see how they go. Really well designed and very different to a number of similar products on the market Bushranger’s XTRAX II are malleable and easier to store than similar products because they roll up.

It’s a simple matter of clearing out some of the sand from underneath the vehicle wedging the tracks under the tires at a point where they’ll grab and slowly driving the vehicle out remember to engage low range four-wheel drive and ensure no tire spin on the way out as you can see they work a treat and we’re on our way again.

So we’re off and we won’t have to worry about getting bogged with the Bushranger XTRAX II’s on board. For the full range of Bushranger gear head to your local ARB store.

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