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Buying Your First Caravan


The day that people buy their first caravan is a highlight in life for many. A caravan for most represents freedom and adventure on a scale that’s hard to describe. The Caravan, Camping and Touring Super Show in Brisbane is your opportunity to buy your first holiday caravan. With the help of these top 10 questions, you’ll be able to know what kind of camper van you want to purchase.

The event lures thousands of potential new vagabonds and lots just planning on trading up. Aside from seeing all the latest and greatest in Caravan and Camper equipment, the Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show is the perfect place to speak the professionals. Have the opportunity to discuss what’s on offer, your ideas and interest or even just the best camping and caravan locations to take your new ride. But before you purchase, make sure you have a good idea about what you’re looking for.

Caravan Camping and Touring Super Show
Walkthrough thousands of caravans on display

10 Questions Before You Buy A Holiday Caravan

It’s important to know what you want out of a camper before you buy one. By answering these few simple questions, you should be on the right track to finding the perfect caravan for you. For every caravan, there is a wide range of pros and cons to work through. With this information, you’ll provide your dealer with a greater picture of your wants and needs to be able to find the right camper or caravan with all the essentials.

  1. Will you be making long trips around the country?

    • Will drives be mostly on the highway, off-road or in remote locations such as the beach?
  2. How many beds do you require?

    • Who will you be travelling with? How many adults, children, room for occasional stays
  3. Will you need RV or camping equipment all year round?

    • Do you plan on travelling through the winter or just summer holidays
  4. Do you plan to do most of your own cooking?

    • Will you need a larger kitchen with appliances, storage space and more counter space? Does your dining area need so seat more people?
  5. How much storage do you need?

    • How many people are you packing for? Do you need ample storage for long periods? What do you need to pack – food, clothes, sports equipment or games?
  6. Where do you plan to camp?

    • Do plan to stay in developed caravan parks, out in the bush, campgrounds or national parks?
  7. Do you need a good entertainment system?

    • Do you want high-quality tv, stereo, speakers – where do you need speakers?
  8. What activities do you plan to do?

    • What kind of equipment or gear do you plan to carry? Do you roof racks, bike racks, towing capabilities or extra storage?
  9. What is your vehicle’s towing capacity?

    • How many tonnes can your vehicle carry?
  10. What is your price range?

    • Do you need speciality accessories? What’s available, can you do without them or will you need financing?



Buying a holiday
Get all the essentials your caravan needs at the super show


The Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show

The Supershow showcases more than 1,000 RV Products across leading brands latest models. From new caravans, motorhomes, tent trailers, camper trailers and fifth wheelers, you’ll find all your recreational products and accessories here.

With all the best-known brands, you can visit a number of company stalls to help discuss potential buys, new features, accessories and more.

  • Jayco, Coromal
  • Winnebago
  • Australian Off-Road
  • Adiva
  • Royal Flair
  • New Age
  • Concept
  • Winjana RV
  • Viscount
  • New Age
  • Roma
  • Trailblazers RV
  • Queensland RV
  • Kedron Caravans
  • Aussie Escape Caravans

But, not only will all the leading brands be attending the show, you can also find major accessory companies. The show accommodates for all your caravan and camper needs, with the most popular accessories, essentials, services and more.

  • Anaconda
  • Oztent
  • Aussie Traveller
  • Camec
  • Springers’ Solar
  • 12 Volt Solar Systems
  • ARB 4X4 Accessories
  • ARK
  • Lifestyle Equipment & Supply
  • Optitech

Purchase a tow vehicle, buy a caravan, talk to the experts about insurance, accessories, destinations and all your queries and concerns. The biggest event of its kind in Queensland, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about all you need to know about camper trailers, caravans and more. With the help of the expert team, you could be on the way to buying your first holiday caravan.


buy a holiday
Jayco stand at the Brisbane Caravan Supershow

Caravan Supershow Locations

With 4 different show locations, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the best camping and caravanning show of the year. With over 21,000 recreational vehicles on display, you’ll be able to find the right camper van for you.

  • Toombul Shopping Town Carpark
  • Garden City Shopping Centre Carpark
  • Dalgety’s WoolStore, Rocklea
  • RNA Showgrounds


The new Jpod Sport model from Jayco

The Caravan, Camping and Touring Lifestyle Show will return again in June next year to the RNA Showgrounds, but you don’t need to wait that long to catch up with Shane and the team from Brisbane Camperland. You can get in touch with your inner gypsy by heading to their base on Wynnum Rd Tingalpa or by heading to the website.

Interested in taking your new toy out for a bit of adventure? Check out these top 5 caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re interested in something a little more quiet and secluded, head to our other article about the Lake Awoonga Caravan Park.

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