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Camping With The Easter Bunny


Easter is the perfect time for camping and you can almost always guarantee the campgrounds across Queensland are booked out. The weather is perfect for it too, cooling down at night and just out of the rainy season, but the hard part is how can you make the Easter Bunny visit? We know how to make it egg-cellent for the kids!

Easter Activities

One special way to add some magic to your camping trip and give the kids an activity to do is to paint ‘Easter’ rocks. Of course, with this, you need a bit of prep by bringing some paint and brushes. Afterwards, make sure you tell their colourful rocks that the Easter Bunny is going to hide them to see how well they will do at the Easter Egg hunt!

If you don’t wish to paint easter rocks, another fun option is to paint eggshells with all sorts of fun patterns and designs. Create a little hole in the top and bottom of an egg (blow through the top to get the yolk and whites out), wash it out and get the kids to start painting!

We’re Going On A Egg Hunt

There are a few options for the Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning, you can do the classic chocolate egg hunt but be wary of animals and them melting. Don’t want to stress about melted chocolate? A basket filled with all sorts of treats for the kids to wake up to in the morning is another fantastic way for the Easter Bunny to visit and get them to hunt non-edible items – like the rocks they painted, or plastic eggs with little items inside. Make sure all the items are colourful and visible so there’s no rubbish left around the campsite. 

If you want the kids to follow a specific trail, leave flower petals on the ground, either in the shape of a bunny foot or a single file line as a “follow me.” 

You can also fill the plastic eggs with glow sticks and have a nighttime egg hunt!

Hiding The Eggs

Make sure you don’t hide the eggs in direct sunlight as they will melt and the packaging will be quite hot. The foliage of grass, and in little plants that are shady are perfect for little eggs. Within the camp or your caravan, through the kitchen, table and chairs are all relatively safe.