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Peter Homan, OQTA

We chat with Peter Homan, the big boss over at OQTA about the beauty of the Queensland outback. For more information about the places and events mentioned in the video head to the OQTA website: https://www.outbackqueensland.com.au/

Explore Big Red, Birdsville QLD

You can’t visit Birdsville without a visit to what is essentially the gateway to the Simpson Desert. An iconic mound of sand warmly referred to as Big Red. She is the first of 1100 sand dunes that run east to west across the heart of Oz. Now, while not everyone that climbs her 210-metre peak […]

Eromanga Natural History Museum

Eromanga is famous on several counts, firstly for being the furthest town from the ocean in Australia and secondly for producing 60 million litres of oil per year. The latest and most exciting claim to fame is the significant paleontological discoveries of Australia’s largest dinosaurs on a property near Eromanga. Several dinosaurs have been unearthed […]

Top 5 Stops along the Warrego Way Drive

The Warrego Way starts in Brisbane and makes it way west to the iconic and remote Birdsville, deep in the Queensland outback. Along the way, you can see ancient trees from the dinosaur age, endangered mammals, unwind in the soothing waters of a sub artesian basin, delight in yarns told over cold beers in a […]

Surfing at Bargara Beach, QLD

Just north of Bundaberg, there are a few beaches around the town of Bargara that can have waves during swells from the east that sneak between Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. Neilson Park, Bargara and Kellys Beaches are popular with the friendly local surfing community, along with the beaches to the south. The […]

Lady Musgrave Experience

Lady Musgrave Island is the Southern most coral cay of the Bunker Group. Lady Musgrave Experience was founded by managing director Brett Lakey after 20 years of operating and setting up successful eco tours and luxury charter vessels around the world. Home has always been the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave Island and the […]