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Chicken And Chorizo Paella


Chicken and chorizo paella is a traditional Spanish meal that’s tasty, humble and hearty. The best part is one pan means much less cleaning up. Enjoy!


What Ingredients You’ll Need

When camping, it’s important to have all the correct ingredients before you head away. For a simple Paella which you can cook simply and quickly, you will need these few simple ingredients.











How To Make Paella – with Chicken & Chorizo

Step 1. Chop up your ingredients

To get the full flavour of all your ingredients in one, chop up all your ingredients into bite-size manageable pieces. Slice the Chorizo, chop the chicken thighs into 5 cm squares, dice your onion, and slice up your chillies.

Step 2. Cook your onion, chicken and chorizo

In a fresh wok or pot, add a splash of oil. Once your pot is hot and your oil has spread across your pan, it is time to add your onion. Whilst occasionally tossing your onion, cook it until it is golden brown. You can then add the chicken and chorizo. stirring occasional, you want the chicken to be completely white and cooked through the middle.

Chicken and Chorizo Paella
Add Onion, Chorizo and Chicken

Step 3. Add your Veggies

It is time to add your vegetables! sprinkle your tomatoes and green on top of your already cooking meats and onion. Cook for 3 minutes before adding in your rice to the wok.

Step 4. Spices

Once you have mixed through your meats, veggies and rice, its time to add your spices. Place your safron to the wok, along with the water and stir it in.

Adding spices to your paella

Step 5. Cooking your rice

Whilst very occasionally string the pot, leave the ingredients in the wok to cook for half an hour. You want to make sure your rice and fluffy and light by this time. Cook for longer if the rice has not soaked up all the water.

Step 6. Serve it up

Once the rice is completely cooked and soaked up all the water, it is time to serve up your paella. Perfectly paired with a dry white wine, this meal will be a absolute hit on any camping trip.

Cooking spanish paella
Leave the paella to cook for half an hour


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