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Birdsville To Innimincka – Cordillo Downs Track


There are two main routes between Birdsville and Innimincka – the locals use both, although this route – the Cordillo Downs track, is the preferred. The track is an interesting trek with worthwhile stops to explore ruins of old buildings. We suggest that this trek will take 2 days, that’s because the fatigue and stress of attempting to complete this trek in one day have been the cause of many unnecessary accidents.


Cordillo Downs Track

Just remember, you are supposed to be on holiday – if you calculate at least 7 driving hours plus allocate time for rest stops you’ll see that this is not a trip to be made in one day – we cannot stress this enough!

cordillo downs track south australia border
You’ll have to cross the South Australian border to reach the town

Tips For Driving Outback

  1. Before leaving your nearest major town, check conditions of the outback roads.
  2. Take note of Petrol stations along your route.
  3. Take frequent breaks – Every 3 hours is optimal.
  4. Change drivers if and when you can along the way.
  5. Stick to the main roads & stay away from road closures.
  6. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit.
  7. Store an emergency kit with all the essentials.
  8. Keep a sufficient supply of water and food.
  9. Leave details of your travel plans if you’re heading out of service

These simple tips could save you a lot of heartache when travelling out into the bush. Especially in remote areas, it’s important to be prepared for any scenario. For more information about the surrounding areas, check out our top 5 stops along the Warrego Way.

cordillo downs
Cordillo Downs Station

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