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Talks With Motorama 4X4XMORE Team Member – Darren Johnson


Weekend away at Gordon Country with the Motorama Crew who ‘Live for Adventure!’. This Gordon Country weekend offers Motorama 4X4XMORE members the chance to explore the outdoors and see what their vehicles can do. We talk with Motorama 4X4XMORE Team Member Darren Johnson about their Gordon Country Tagalong Tour.


Gordon Country Weekend Preparation

A lot of new members are uncertain or unconfident about how to use their vehicle, and that’s where Motorama 4X4XMORE comes in. To prepare for the weekend the 4X4XMORE team head out to the campgrounds a day early to get the site set up and test the tracks. The team take to the tracks to find any little holes or problem areas along the tracks to help remove risk for their members. It’s at their upmost important making sure that club members leave the weekend without having impaired or damaged their cars in any way. Everyone coming on the weekend has different levels of skill when it comes to 4WDriving. The Motorama 4X4XMORE team try to sit in a comfy in between to make sure all members are getting the most out of the weekend away.

4x4xmore Team go to Gordon country
Gordon Country Tagalong weekend.

Learn To 4WD With The Motorama Team

For member building their skillset from the ground up, the Motorama crew make sure all new members head out for a test day. Prior to hitting the tracks, the team make sure everyone is comfortable before stepping further out in the Gordon Country property. Their motto is tiering not trashing! When it comes to actually 4WDriving as they want to provide as much adventure as possible within a safe environment.

Especially when it comes to intense tracks like the ‘Big Dipper’, also known as the last hill. Quite a large challenge for a lot of members. This track really puts beginners to the test as they travel down the steep terrain. A perfect step towards a more intermediate skillset and with the help of the Motorama team. The most assuring thing is that you can be sure of safety the whole way down.

Motorama Tagalong With 4x4xmore Team
Darren from Motorama leading the Gordon Counry Tagalong

If you’re interested in improving your 4WD skillset or just want a fun weekend – head to the Motorama website for more information: https://www.motorama.com.au/4x4xmore/offer/gordon-country. Don’t forget to watch Motorama’s vehicle recovery before heading on the 4WD tracks at Gordon Country.

Mitsubishi Motorama 4x4xmore Team

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