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Tania Kernaghan Motorama 4X4XMore

Here’s to Country Music Superstar Tania Kernaghan and her weekend with the crew from Motorama 4X4XMore at Gordon Country!   Tania Kernaghan would be one of Australia’s best-known country music artists and here’s another fact, Tania loves her Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. We have ventured to the Goomburra Valley on a huge weekend with the Motorama […]

Gordon Country Motorama 4X4XMORE

We join the Motorama 4X4XMORE team on a weekend adventure to Gordon Country. Rugged mountain vistas and lush landscapes, it’s no wonder Gordon Country has gained a reputation as an excellent 4WD destination.     If you’re looking for more 4×4 action, check out our story on the Motorama 4X4XMore Balina Beach Tagalong.