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Diesel Care Fuel Filter Kit Review


Diesel Care provides the best protection against fuel contamination with their Fuel Filter Kits. Diesel Care offers easy install D.I.Y. fuel filter kits in two variants; Primary (pre) and Secondary (final).

Diesel Care is a diesel fuel injection company. Having existed in 1949, these guys do everything diesel including repairs, servicing, fuel pumps, injectors, turbochargers and more. Along with Dyno tuning, vehicle diagnostics, these guys also have an extensive range of products.

Diesel Care install
Diesel Care offers easy to install fuel filter kits

What To Know About Diesel Care

Located in NSW and QLD, Diesel care service customers throughout Australia. Each centre has an array of quality tooling and test equipment run by highly trained and experienced diesel technicians. Keeping customer diesel engines running efficiently and effectively since the late ’40s, these guys know a thing or two about diesel. With a wide variety of quality products, you can find everything diesel you need in one place.

fuel filter
Fuel Filter Kits

Fuel Filter Kit

Today’s modern diesel engines are equipped with advanced high pressure electronically controlled injection systems, which can get damaged easily. Whether its water, microbial growth or particle matter gets into your jerry can and other remote places, the cost of repairing this damage could be exponential.

Diesel Care provides the best protection against fuel contamination

One way to provide great protection is to install an additional fuel filter. All common-rail systems only have 1 factoring filter, so installing an additional filter like the Diesel Care Fuel Filter Bracket Kit, could save you a lot of money later on down the road.

Diesel care offers a full range of D.I.Y kits which can fit several diesel vehicles. This fuel filter could give peace of mind, whilst also saving you some money. Diesel Care can also fully install the new diesel fuel filter if you’d prefer a professional complete the job.

Fuel filter kit
D.I.Y Fuel Filter Kits

For more information head to the Diesel Care website. Find your local ARB store here. And for more Campr Tech videos click here.

Diesel Care Fuel Filter Kits
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