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Club Marine editor Chris Beattie tests out the Dodge RAM 2500 Laramie. He reckons there’s no better place to test it than in Gladstone – the heavy equipment capital of Queensland. A fantastic tow rig, RAM 2500 is designed for towing big boats. In this case, it’s the Haines Signature 788SF. The Laramie features a 6.7L turbo-diesel and almost 1100NM of torque.

One big chunk of heavy metal, this truck can tow a max to 6.942 tonnes. An amazing rig for towing big fishing boats and on long distances. This 6.7L turbo diesel engine has a 6-speed automatic transmission, which means its perfect or long trips down the open road. With advanced suspension, uncompromising support, active air systems, and incredible torque, this truck is built to deliver across the board, day in and year out.

Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie – Capabilities

  • 6.7 Turbo Deisel Engine – With combined world-class capabilities and outstanding performance, this truck is a force to be reckoned with. The Ram 2500 has a virtually indestructible design with quality and durability.
  • 1,084NM Max Torque – Rated at 276KW the incredible torque delivers unyielding power for hauling and towing.
  • 6 Speed Transmission – Packed with driver adaptive shifting, 3 multiple clutch packs, dual filters, and independent lubrication cooler, the Ram 2500 delivers immense pressure under all driving conditions
  • Active Air – The active air system can read outside temperatures and automatically switch the grille to intake cooler air.
  • 4x4 – Responsive electronic shift with 4 operating ranges including neutral. It also has a long-range reduction ration of 2.64:1 which is perfect for rock climbing, steep grades or challenging terrains.
  • Advanced Suspension – The truck has a unique three-link coil spring suspension in the front. A class-exclusive five-link coil spring in the back, along with heavy-duty twin-tube shock absorbers. These shock absorbers help reduce sound and vibrations through the rest of the vehicle.
  • Uncompromising frame support – There is hydroforming in the front and rear sections of the truck to ensure durable strength and mass efficiencies. Rail contours for suspension components, ancillary mounts, and proven ladder frame. The strength of the frame provides structural integrity and occupants comfort when hauling other big rigs.
Towing Laramie
This car is a ‘beast’

Towing & Hauling

  • Towing Capacity – The Ram Laramie 2500 can tow a maximum of 6.94 tonnes using a pintle with a 931kg payload.
  • Class V Hitch Receiver – With fully boxed rear rails and rear axle cross members, its pickups are specially designed to accommodate the Class V Hitch system. Offering up to 4.5 Tonnes maximum braked towing capacity with a 70mm tow ball.
  • Electronic Stability Control – A system that helps maintain directional control and vehicle stability. With trailer sway dampening, the ESC can detect when the trailer is swaying and apply brake pressure to the wheels by dampening their effects.
  • Trailer Brake Controller –   Automatically or manually operate the dash-mounted electronic brakes for trailers. Aimed to make towing and hauling easier than ever.
Laramie Ram
The Dodge Ram 2500 has an incredible towing capacity

Dodge Ram 2500 – Utility & Safety

  • Touch Screen Connectivity – The Uconnect is a full-colour 8.4-inch touchscreen system equipped with Bluetooth, hands-free voice command and brilliant NAV systems.
  • Electronic Information Centre – The Electronic Vehicle Information Centre (EVIC) display offers full-colour 7-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT), astonishing clarity, along with real-time mechanical data. Other features include scroll-type interfaces, intuitive steering-wheel toggle switches and PowerNet electronic architecture.
  • Storage – Packed with rear seat folding, hand storage in the centre console, front door bins with great volume as well as removable floor storage for invaluable.
  • Rear Vision Camera – Groundbreakers cover every detail from braking to backing up to ensure efficient and secure reversing.
  • Cargo View Camera – This innovative camera offers views of the bed to help improve trailer hookups.
Dodge Ram 2500
Perfect for towing big fishing boats

Find out more in the April/May edition of Club Marine Magazine. And for more great boating ideas from Club Marine visit Club Marine TV. Learn more about the Gladstone Region in our destination story.

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