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ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention System) ARB Installation


ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention System) has been manufacturing right here in Australia since 1996. If you’re living on or near the beach chances are your vehicle could be at risk of rust damage. The ERPS creates an electrical charge, causing the steel on your vehicle to become less reactive and rusting is slowed or even stopped.

Whether you are worried about resale depreciation, expensive repairs or just want to look after your 4×4 for years to come. Well without proper protection, rust is one of the biggest issues for your car’s future. To get that peace of mind when taking your truck on to the beach, ERPS system is your safest bet!
How ERPS Works with rust prevention
Typical six coupler ERPS System

How Does ERPS Work?

Rust forms as a result of a chemical reaction between a vehicle and its environment. when exposed to humidity and saltwater, the reaction is accelerated and the chance of obtaining rust is greatly increased.

To stop rust, the ERPS system sends a negative charge through the body of the vehicle. This negative charge neutralizes the chemical reaction and helps stop your vehicle from rusting. Connecting the system generator to your vehicle battery and to a number of pads around the vehicle, the system can draw a tiny current which thankfully does not drain the battery.

ERPS Electronic Rust Prevention System Installation
ERPS System installation

Once the generator is running, it increases the voltage and transfers this voltage to couplers around the vehicle. These couplers distribute charge around the vehicle body and become positively charged. This in turn polarizes the vehicle with a negative charge. This negative charge results in the protection of rust against your vehicle 24/7, every day of the year.

When you purchase an ERPS system, you also get 10 years of guaranteed performance from your vehicle, along with 10 years without rust, GUARANTEED! Can’t get much better than that! To learn more about Campr Tech and other 4WD accessories, head to our Gears & Accessories column.

ERPS system

Coupler System

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