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Eulo is on the banks of the Paroo River in south-west Queensland and was once a centre for opal mining. The town was originally much closer to the river but, after severe flooding, moved to where it currently stands. Famous for the “Eulo Queen” and the hotel named after her, Eulo is also known for their local produce, product, opal and craft.

This opal-mining town’s population is variable as beekeepers travel from the south every winter so their bees can feed on the precious eucalypts in the area. Just 64km west of Cunnamulla, Eulo is a small outback town with a great deal of character.

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What To Know About Eulo

As mentioned earlier, lots of Honey along with other natural products made from beeswax are produced at Eulo. With a population of only 48, this town is packed with things to see and do!

You can visit the life-size Diprotodon statue, learn about the giant Megafauna fossils at the Eromanga Natural History Museum. Walkthrough the Air Raid shelter which was built during WWII. Watch the natural release valves of the Artesian Basin or relax in an Artesian Mud Bath.

opal centre
Eulo has a vast collection of opals

After relaxing in the mud baths, you can go fishing or birdwatching at the waterhole or take advantage of the 4WD tracks around the town.

Attractions & Experiences

Eulo has many attractions from the lizard lounge to the hot artesian water and mud baths and mud spring just outside town. Check out these peculiar and amazing experiences which you won’t find anywhere else.

Artesian Water & Mud Baths

Soak in the warm artesian water infused with artesian mud. Lather on your mud pack and let your skin soak in the goodness of the mineral-rich mud. Enjoy this hour and a half experience that will make your skin feel silky smooth and brand new.

Eulo 5 Mile Waterhole

A perfect spot to throw in a fishing line and catch a gorgeous yellowbelly, catfish or even some yabbies. The area also provides a great location for camping where you can bring you pet to.

Eulo waterhole
Eulo Waterhole

Mud Springs

Situated 9km west of Eulo, the mud springs have evolved due to the underground pressure from the Great Artesian Basin. Due to the basin, it has forced mud through fissures in the ground.

Eulo Town Hole

A brilliant area for fishing, you can head to Eulo on Adventure way and cross the Paroo River Bridge. The town hole features nature walks, heritage trails and a leisurely stroll down from the town.

Eulo Queensland
The township of Eulo

World Lizard Racing Championships

The Eulo Lizard Race was the main feature of the Cunnamulla-Eulo “Festival of Opals“. Held annually, the event ran in mid-August. One genuinely quirky event, lasted for 30 years before it stopped in 2000. The races were held at the Paroo track at the eastern end of town.

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