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Poeppel Corner To Birdsville: The Countdown


Taking the trucks to their absolute limit, we refilled the trucks with the last of our fuel and made our way to Poeppel’s Corner. After all the sand dunes we hit the flat ground running. On the road to Poeppel’s Corner is on the edge of some amazingly large salt lakes, which can really only be appreciated by the air. After 3 days of cruising through the dunes, 60km an hour feels like 100!

Having only estimated the amount of fuel and water the group would need for the trip, our supplies were beginning to run pretty low. After a quick top-up of what we had left in the Jerries, we were back on our way to Birdsville. Whilst we had some minor worries about not making all the way to Birdsville, this almost situation gave us some great insight and taught us a lot!

Poeppel’s Corner

One of three corners along the Queensland state border is the Poeppel Corner. Located on the edge of Queensland, Northern Territory and South Austalia, we left our mark on the Poeppel Corner sign and took some memorable photos with the team.

One of the best-known junctions of the state and certainly the most remote, Poeppel Corner is located around 177km west of Birdsville. Marked with a concrete pipe, standing about 1.8metres high on top of a sand dune the specially prepared plaque displays the names of the states and territory in which the plaque separates. Next stop, the Eyre Lake Basin.

Poeppel Corner to Eyre Lake Basin
Poeppel Corner marks the intersection of QLD, SA and the NT

The Salt Lakes

What a spectacular sight it is to see travelling across km of salty flats after seeing dune after dune after dune. Lake Eyre, known as the largest salt lake in Australia was an incredible sight to see. Comprised of two lakes (north and south),  The Eyre Lake Basin stretches across a span of 144km long!

Named after the first European explorer Edward John Eyre, who first saw it in 1840. Eyre Salt Lake is known as the lowest point below sea level in Australia at 15.2m. Only seeing the lake filled an average of 4 times each century.

Whilst we were here, the team was conducted to park their vehicles for what was an absolutely cracking photo. With all the photos to take us back to these dunes forever, the trip began to come to a close. With one last night out in the dunes, we celebrated with a deliciously cooked meal.

The Eyre Salt Lakes on the way to Poeppel corner
Salt lake on the way to Poeppel

Door Pocket Organiser

When travelling in the outback, you want to make sure you’re always prepared. Mark Lacey gives us some top tips for travelling and how to stay organised. With the door pocket organiser, you’re sure to have all the right tools. Whilst being easily accessible and hard to lose. The best place to keep one of these would be in the drivers side door holder.

  • Head torch
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Hand Torch
  • BP51 Adjusting Spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • Cable Ties

Another important thing to keep handy would be a first aid kit. With all the essentials from bandaids, to antiseptic cream and bandages, you really can’t go anywhere without one. Place it in the front passenger side door, cause you know mums probably the one to take care of you if happen to injure yourself.

If you missed some of the big stop-offs along the way, catch-up on all the stories from our ARB Central Australia Adventure here.

ARB Tred Pro for simspson desert sand

Toyota Landcruiser 4WD access to Poeppel corner

Arb Long range tank to reach the salt lakes

Linx ARB to help find Eyre Lake Basin

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