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Campr catches up with Peter from Motorama Ford Brisbane to go through Australia’s first-ever factory-built, factory warranted, off-road performance truck…the Ford Ranger Raptor. It is uniquely designed, engineered and fully tested to conquer the world through any terrain

The ford raptor is completely capable, straight out of the box. Ready to drive straight off the showroom floor and go 4WDriving without putting any bells and whistles on it. Voted as Australia’s Best 4x4, we take a look at the top 5 best things about the Ford Ranger Raptor.

5 great things about the Ford Raptor

No.1 – 2 1/2 inch fox race shocks

Fitting at the front and rear of this car, you could almost drive up anything with a latte in hand and not spill a thing.

Shock suspension

No.2 – 33 inch BFG Ultrarange tyre

No need to go down to the local tyre shop before going four-wheel driving, the Ford Raptors comes with these guys already installed.

33-inch BFG Ultrarange tyres

No.3 – 2 1/2 degrees approach angle, 24 degrees aperture angle, 24-degree ramp over angle

There’s no worrying about destroying your front or rear bars when your off-road tackling some of the harder/ riskier tracks.

No. 4 – Interior and comfort inside

You’ve got some raised bucket seats to keep the driver comfortable whilst they’re operating the truck. The car offers some pretty epic features including 6 terrain modes help you whether you’re driving down the beach or out on a bush track. These features are going to make you feel as if you’re driving down a bitumen road.

Inside the Ranger Raptor

No. 5 – Aesthetics and handle on & off-road

Last but not least, is about the look and feel of the car. Not only does the Raptor look aesthetically pleasing, but the truck drives and handles like your average day sports sedan.

Ranger Raptor, “Australia’s Best 4x4”

So if you haven’t already checked out all that the Raptor has to offer, head to our day out at the 4X4 Show as we take a look at the features and specs of the Ford Raptor Ranger. Don’t forget to check out our Ranger vs Everest comparison video with the Motorama Group.

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