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Ford Ranger vs Everest – The Ultimate Ford Challenge


We go car crazy! What’s your weapon of choice? Ford Everest VS Ford Ranger. We review both cars and calculate the pros and cons of both.


Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has escalated to a whole new popularity, beating the likes of the undestroyable Toyota Hilux. Available in a range of sizes and body styles. We look at the Ford Ranger vs Ford Everest to help you make your decision.

Ford ranger Model
The New Ford Ranger, built for off-roading


  • It has a strong standard engine – Used in a wide range of other Ford models, including the Mustang, it’s expected to produce at least 300 horsepower. Along with a 10-speed automatic transmission, it should be able to handle the transfer of power.
  • Built for driving off the beaten track – A truck with versatility, the optional FX2 package equips the car with off-road goodies. These goodies include Steel Skid plates and speciality tunes shock absorbers. The shift-on-the-fly 4WD system means you will have maximum traction when in deep snow or mud.
  • Great for towing – With a maximum towing capacity in excess of  3.4 tonnes, you’ll be able to take any fishing boat or camper trailer on your holidays without worry. With an advanced blind spot monitor system, you won’t have a worry towing anything behind your new truck
  • Modern design – The new ford rangers come with a much more adventurous style to them compared to previous generations. A new innovative headlight design, sleek front fascia and cool new colour options. This truck has got a brand new look.
  • New safety technology – Advanced safety tech has been demanded by truck enthusiasts, and ford has delivered. Blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist and automatic high beams all make driving safer and easier on our roads. Optional Safety equipment also includes forward emergency braking and pedestrian detection.


  • No manual transmission – Ford does not plan to offer a traditional manual gearbox. Whilst manual transmission is becoming rarer, a lot of drivers still enjoy manually shifting gears. If you’re looking for a truck manual transmission, check out the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier.
  • One engine only – whilst the Ranger’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces a lot of power, some drivers enjoy the option of having a second engine to choose from.
  • Only offer dual cab – Although the Ford Ranger offers two body types – SuperCab and SuperCrew, both bodies feature four doors. Making it inconvenient for drivers who don’t have to accommodate for extra passengers. Single cabs often charge a lower price compared to dual cab trucks.
  • No sports model – If you’re looking for a sports-tuned version, the Ford ranger, unfortunately, doesn’t offer it. Having a lower suspension would enable sharper handling.

Ford Everest

Whether you’re looking for the daily drive, or plan to take it off the beaten track, the Ford Everest can handle the task. With optional new 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine and 10-speed auto, the Ford Everest remains a market leader as a package. That is… if you can afford it.

Black ford everest model
Ford Everest Model


  • Tough looks – When it comes to intimidating stance and road presence, the Ford Everest has got you covered. With huge dimensions and tough looks, the design of the Everest gives a much larger feel at standstill, or on the move. You’ll command a lot of respect from other drivers on the road.
  • Premium interior – A plush feel, the interior of the Everest is comfortable and has a good mix of colours and features. It has a touch screen console which makes the car feel modern and contemporary. It also has several comforts and convenient features make the car feel expensive, but value for your money.
  • Ride quality – All 3 seated rows feel comfortable, plush and refined quality for longer routes.


  • Awkward to drive in city traffic – The big dimensions of the Ford Everest, whilst commanding, feels unwieldy when driving through the city due to its longer wheelbase and high turning radius.
  • Fuel efficiency (Or Lack  There Of) – Despite having great power and torque figures, the diesel engine has a slow automatic gearbox. With a lazy shift in the lower gears, it creates a slow acceleration which ruins the driving experience.
  • Noisy Engine – The Ford Everest has quite a noisy engine from the outside and especially when revved hard. The refinement of the engine also doesn’t do great in higher RPMs.

Not sold on either of these models? Check out “Australia’s Best 4x4”, the Ford Ranger Raptor. For more information on these ford models, head to their website.

ford car models
What’s your weapon of choice?


White ford ranger model
Ford ranger – Learn more

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