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Fraser Island Driving Checklist


Fraser Island is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, long beaches, freshwater lakes and creeks. Fraser is the largest sand Island in the world so just getting around requires a bit of planning. If your planning on a bit of four-wheel driving remember there is limited fuel on the island and your consumption of fuel will be increased due to driving in soft sand. Long Range Fuel Tanks or an extra jerry can or two of fuel are essential.


It’s also a good idea to bring some recovery gear with you. A Snatch Strap is a handy item and it’s really easy to use. Keep your tyre pressures at around 18 to 20 PSI and you shouldn’t have too many issues driving the island mid tide or lower.

There’s some great driving on Fraser Island, just make sure your prepared
Driving tips for Fraser Island

Your local ARB Store can supply you with all the advice and equipment you will need to tackle your own Fraser Island adventure. Make sure you grab a National Parks and Beaches permit. Don’t forget to check out Episode 28 of the Campr series for our guide to beach drives on Fraser Island.

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