Fraser Island

Fraser Island, off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, is the world’s largest sand island, stretching over 120km and spans 166,00 hectares.

World Heritage-listed Fraser Island has the absolute best that one island can offer – cool towering rainforests to walk through; over 100 freshwater lakes to swim including the iconic Lake McKenzie. Huge sand hills to climb, and an amazing 120km beach highway perfect for some 4WD action.

Unforgettable island eco-adventures include cruises to discover the untouched beauty of the remote western side and guided or self-drive tours. Keep scrolling to check out our favourite spots to explore, useful information and where to stay.

Before You Go

If you are visiting Fraser Island and plan on camping or driving on the beach, here’s a checklist we’ve made of things to know before you go.

To drive a vehicle onto the island will need a Vehicle Permit and a separate Camping Permit if you would like to camp on the island. If you’re planning to drive on the island, make sure you gear-up at your local ARB store.

Vehicle Permit

Only 4WD vehicles are permitted on the island. A vehicle access permit must be obtained before entering the National Park area of Fraser Island.

The permit can be ordered online prior to arrival here or by calling the National Call Centre 13 13 04

The permit must be fixed to the left side windscreen of the 4WD vehicle.

Camping Permit

A camping permit is required if you plan on camping on the island as a freelance beach camper or if you prefer to camp in a designated campground.

You can obtain your camping permit online at  on the island prior to setting up camp. Once you have registered online and paid, printing your permit it is a good idea.

If you are freelance camping on Fraser Island be aware of NO CAMPING signs.

How To Get There

Barges and ferry services run daily from River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. The Fraser Venture runs three return services daily from River Heads to Wanggoolba Creek and the Kingfisher Bay Ferry runs three return services from River Heads to Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Kingfisher Bay Ferry

The Kingfisher Bay Ferry has three return services which depart River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) daily and land at Kingfisher Bay Resort

The resort grounds are accessible by 2WD, however, the Great Sandy National Park and Eurong Beach Resort are only accessible by 4WD.

Fraser Venture Barge

The Fraser Venture departs River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) daily, landing at Wanggoolba Creek on the western side of Fraser Island.

Wanggoolba Creek is the entry point on to Fraser Island and is directly opposite Eurong Beach Resort on the east coast of Fraser Island.

Kingfisher Bay Resort

This is one of Australia’s first eco-resorts. Kingfisher Bay Resort is an award-winning stay that’s surrounded by nature! Spend days relaxing around the pool, sunning on the sand or fishing from the jetty. The eco-friendly resort is a hub for an abundance of activities, tours and day trips. Find out more information on the Kingfisher Bay website.

Eurong Beach Resort

Eurong Beach Resort is situated on the eastern beach of Fraser Island that has accommodation to suit all budgets. Keep in mind that the resort is only accessible by four-wheel-drive. Eurong Beach Resort is the hub for day tours, 4WDriving adventures, fishing and much more. Find out more information on the Eurong Beach Resort website.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest freshwater stream on the eastern coast of Fraser Island with 4 million litres of clear, fresh water flowing into the ocean every hour. This is a popular picnic and swimming spot which has a boardwalk that follows the creek inland.

Swimming or floating down the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk is an invigorating experience. Eli Creek is a great swimming destination for children and adults alike.

Orchid Beach

The beautiful Orchid Beach is just a few minutes away from Waddy Point, Champagne Pools and Indian Heads. Whether you’re looking for some excellent fishing, or just want to relax is private amongst Fraser Island’s scenery, Orchid Beach is a perfect getaway.

Need Supplies? Visit Orchid Beach Trading Post

The Orchid Beach Trading Post is a well stocked general store with a wide range of supplies, ice, fishing bait, snacks, hats, sunscreen and all the essentials. You can even re-fuel your 4WD here before heading up to the Sandy Cape. Find out more information on the website.

Ngkala Rocks

Heading up to the tip of Fraser Island, Sandy Cape, we discovered a true 4WD challenge. Ngkala Rocks, about 6km north of Orchid Beach, is one of the Fraser’s largest exposures of coffee rock. Access over North Ngkala Rocks is extremely rough and should only be attempted by experienced four-wheel drivers at low tide.

The gutters formed along the beaches from Ngkala Rocks towards Sandy Cape all produce fantastic Tailor Fishing.

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape, the most northern point on Fraser Island. Named by James Cook during his 1770 voyage, this place is isolated and spares but beautiful in its own way. Sandy Cape is a must do on your Fraser Island bucket list. The eastern beach provides vehicle access to Sandy Cape only during low tide.

Also, keep in mind this place is a popular nesting ground for green turtles, this means that you’re not allowed to drive on the beach at night during nesting season.

Nesting Season: Nov – January

World Heritage-listed Getaway. Discover Fraser Island…