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Gordon Country 4WD Tracks


With over 4,000 acres of rugged mountain vistas and lush landscapes, it’s no wonder Gordon Country has earned a reputation. The Gordon Country property is an excellent place for all kinds of 4WD. Known for its meandering creeks, lush grassy campsites and abundance of firewood. It is also known for its Motorama 4X4XMore Club Tagalong Camping trips. Where members both young and old, can come out for a glorious camping trip. As well as test out the Gordon Country 4WD Tracks and learn how to 4WD.


Learn To 4WD

One member name Glenda, who normally spends these trips in the passenger seat, finally gets her chance to take control in the driver’s seat. Having never done any 4WDriving of her own. Glenda comes out to the Gordon Country tagalong to take on the 4WDriving tracks. Leaving husband Neil to take the back seat. With the help of a good teacher and the advice of her husband, Glenda tackles the tracks with absolute ease. Feeling safe in the comfort of her own car, she has the option to ask for as much or as little advice as she needs.

gordon country 4wd track
4WD tracks at Gordon Country

The Motorama team are such a great team with a number of expert 4WDrivers heading out on the weekend. Knowing that several of the members heading out for the weekend are new to the whole 4X4 scene, the team offers gentle advice throughout the tracks. Making sure everyone gets the right information. These days a lot of the newer cars are equipt for 4wdriving. The Motorama team walk you through the latest tech in the car, what they are and the best time to use them.

Another brilliant thing about the Motorama 4X4XMORE Tagalong tours is there ability to get people involved. At the end of every tagalong day, the Club provides a massive feed for members to enjoy. The perfect opportunity to crack open an ice-cold drink and share some stories around the fire and get to know some fellow members.

learn to 4wd at gordon country 4wd tracks
Gordon Country campsite

Whether you’re an experienced driver or you’re just discovering this thrilling past-time. Like our friend Glenda, there’s something here to satisfy all types of drivers. If you’re going to Gordon Country for the 4WD tracks, make sure you know how to safely recover your vehicle.

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