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Gordon Country Tagalong Tour – Motorama 4X4XMore Club


The Motorama 4X4XMORE Club ventures west again for a weekend of good times and great fourbie action! We head out to Gordon Country for one of their 4wd tagalong tours to test our toys and our confidence.



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One of the great things about testing you and your car’s limits in a 4WD Park are that…

A) generally speaking you’re not isolated as you might be on an overland adventure.

B) there are normally a few people around to give you a bit of advice on the dos and don’ts of what you are about to do.

That’s the theory behind Motorama’s 4X4XMore Clubs regular excursions to Gordon Country in the Goomburra Valley.

On this trip, we are joined by 100 cars and almost 300 people. Proof that the club is clearly hitting the mark with its audience. Seeing the weekend come together like this it’s easy to understand why. Many of the clubs members are new to 4WDing, some have never been offroad in their lives and that’s all about to change as we make our way to an area known as the “Playpen”. The crew that the Motorama team has assembled are all offroad experts and are standing by with tips on how best to use things like downhill assist.

Gordon country camp grounds
camping ground at Gordon Country

The “Play Pen”

The funny thing about some of these obstacles is that they are created to test people and for many here it’s their first time. They will feel challenged or uncomfortable inside a vehicle, the good news is they normally overcome that fear and with some newly found confidence. The 4x4xMore members now understand how the vehicle will respond in certain situations and importantly how they should then respond to correct any issues.

Once everyone’s feeling good about conquering the “Playpen” it’s time to muster up for a tag-along across the ridges of the Gordon Country hills above us, some of which can be very steep. Again the team from Motorama and Lifestyle 4x4 are on hand for the tricky bits to ensure everyone is comfortable and travelling OK. This downhill descent is a great example of just how steep this track can be. After tackling it safely with the help of “Low Range Downhill Assist” it’s reassuring to know just how far the technology in these cars has come in the last few years.

Gordon Country

Gordon Country is absolutely perfect for a weekend like this, you can spend hours travelling the tracks around the property or put your vehicle to the ultimate test in wombat holes and rutted water hazards like these. A perfect opportunity for the big boys with the big toys to get down and dirty and really push their vehicles to that next level.

Gordon Country Barn
Dinner buffet at the Gordon Country Barn

Gordon Country Barn & Camp Grounds

At the end of all that fun its time to wash the mud off and scrub up for a dinner in the Gordon Country Barn, a lavish affair where a roast dinner with all the trimmings is waiting for us. And while it may have been a surprise for some, the biggest surprise of the night was saved for a lady who in front of all 300 of us was made an offer she couldn’t refuse.

As the bonfire burned into the night the guitar revved up and the rums came out, for one I can’t wait for my next Motorama 4X4XMore adventure. If you’d like to be apart of the club, just contact Motorama. And as the saying goes…”We Live For Adventure!” If you’re looking for more 4x4 action, check out our story on the Motorama 4X4XMore Balina Beach Tagalong.

motorama 4x4xmore

Gordon Country accomodation

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