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How To Cook Tropical Chicken Kebabs


Heat up the BBQ and create colourful kebabs perfect for summer parties. Here’s one of our favourites – Tropical Chicken Skewers. We walk you through what ingredients you’ll need and how to make these easy and delicious chicken kebabs.

What you’ll need:

It’s important to know everything you need before trying to cook up a storm. Below we have all the ingredients needed for these tasty skewers, however, you might need a couple more things.

Whilst these can also be cooked on the stove, these succulent treats are best cooked on the BBQ. If you’re placing on the hot plate or frypan, it’s important to remember a bit of oil first, to make sure your chicken and other veggies don’t stick!

How To Make Tropical Chicken Skewers

Step 1. Pre-heat the BBQ

Before working on anything else, it’s important to get the BBQ hot and ready to place the skewers on once they’re made. This will ensure you’re not wasting time later waiting for you BBQ to heat up.

Step 2. Chop up your ingredients

Before beginning to skewer your food, you’ll need to chop up all your ingredients into manageable sized pieces. For the pineapple, chicken and halloumi make sure to cut them up into 4 cm squares.  Then slice the zucchini and onion, making sure your onion is wide enough to be pierced down through the centre layers.

Step 3. Place the ingredients on to the skewers

Once you’ve chopped your ingredients, you can now start placing them on the skewers. Pierce the ingredients through the centre of each piece to ensure they won’t fall off. By alternating ingredients, you can enjoy all the flavours.

Step 4. Place the skewers on the BBQ

Once you’ve skewered all your ingredients, it’s time to chuck them on the BBQ. Double-check the heat under the lid, then place them across the grill. It’s important to check the tropical chicken skewers regularly as some ingredients may cook faster than others. Turn regularly to ensure the skewers don’t burn.

Step 5. Plate and Wait

Before plating up your tropical chicken skewers, check your chicken! Make sure your chicken is cooked all the way through, with no pink bits. Once you have plated your food, let them sit for a couple of minutes before consuming them. They’re going to be hot. Especially watch out for the cherry tomatoes, they’ll get ya!

tropical chicken skewers
How to cook tropical chicken skewers

And voilà! We hope you enjoyed this fast and simple recipe on How to make tropical chicken skewers. Check this next recipe on how to cook Buttered Chicken Curry for next time.

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