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Banana Shire – Isla Gorge & Gyranda Station


This trip to Banana Shire has been a real eye-opener to the natural beauty of this place, the Sand Stone Wonders. In only a few short days we have witnessed plane wrecks on mountains, crossed creeks and fished dams as we travelled from Isla Gorge to Gyranda Station.

Today we’re heading for Isla Gorge and ending the day at Gyranda Station. Tree Palms and Sandstone creates a “Jurassic Park” type feel as we wander towards the top.

isla gorge to gyranda station
Isla Gorge, one of the stars of the Sandstone Wonders region!

Isla Gorge National Park

The Isla Gorge is one of the most famous Sandston Wonder’s. Most likely due to being just off the Leichhardt highway, however, doesn’t make it any less spectacular.

There are some gorgeous lookouts and views from the top of the gorge. However, if you plan to head down into the gorge, it’s advised that you do your homework. There is a local to the Isla Gorge that occasionally meets with tourists. With his help, he could take others down into the gorge on some safe tracks to delve deeper into the sandstone wonder.

Gyranda Station has been producing Santa Gertrudis Cattle since 1952
Gyranda Station has been producing Santa Gertrudis Cattle since 1952

Gyranda Station, QLD

The Joyces, who are generational cow cocky’s are long time locals. Living at Gyranda Station around Orange Creek Weir for a number of generations. The Joyce’s will definitely be a testament to how spectacular the views at Gyranda Station can really be. Having owned their land since 1926, Burnett’s father took on management of the farm in 1931. Burnett has been helping his family run the dairy farm is whole life and has loved every moment living on the land.

The Banana Shire is the place to come looking. You may well even run into Frank.
Head to sandstonewonders.com and the OQTA website fill you in on all the info.

ARIAT Boots are available at stockists around the country. And ARB has all the gear when you replace foot power with horsepower. Don’t forget to check out Episode 42 of the Campr series for the guide to Isla Gorge and the Banana Shire.

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