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3 Reasons To Buy The Jayco Silverline Awning


The Jayco Silverline Awning is every “Camprs” dream!

Here at Campr, we love to get busy living and the best way to do that is with an easy camping or caravanning set up. The new Silverline awning has 3 amazing features that ensure your caravanning adventure is carefree and relaxing.



Jayco Silverline Awning

1. Free app controls the Jayco Silverline set up and pack down

You can now set up and pack down your awning from the front seat of your caravan with the new Jayco Carefree app.

Jon Kaufman from Brisbane Camperland said the carefree Jayco Silverline is the easiest awning to use on any getaway. “The 12-volt carefree awning has eliminated the work of rolling out and rolling in manual caravan awnings with its technology, taking it to a whole new level.” “Once [your phone’s app] is connected the awning will roll out at the click of a button,” Jon said.

caravan awning features
App controlled awning feature of the 2019 model of the Silverline


2. Automatic defence against rainy conditions

The caravan awning is perfect for all weather conditions with its ability to automatically drop off pooling rainwater. “If water significantly pools it will automatically drop down, dump the water and then spring back up,” Jon said.

caravan awning set up and pack down
This awning is perfect for rainy weather


3. The best awning features are still included!

Jon said Jayco didn’t forget about any of the features and adjustable settings that all us “Camprs” treasure. “We’ve still got the ever popular strip light that everyone loves and we’ve also got the ability to still do a privacy screen, AFK kit, or full annex on the van.” “You can also set the pitch of the awning [with] 100mls to play with on each side,” Jon said.

jayco silverline caravan awning
Silverline Outback

To see more information on how to use the Jayco Silverline be sure to check out the Campr Tech tutorial. Learn more about the Jayco Silverline range at Brisbane Camperland. Once you’ve got your own caravan, make sure you check out Reflections Holiday Park on Evans Head.

jayco silverline caravan awning

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