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Hello again from the beautiful Sandstone Wonders country in the middle part of our state inside the Banana Shire which really is a terrific destination if you love camping and touring. We are waking up at Lake Callide Retreat not far from Bilo and about to hit the road in search of adventure and discovery! Today we are heading for the testing Razorback track as a shortcut to our final destination.

The very top of Kroombit Tops National Park

According to the national parks website, you will need a high clearance four-wheel-drive. There is no trailer access from this route because the road has long, steep and narrow sections. And it’s dry weather access only route because there are numerous creek crossings and very steep gradients, which are hazardous in wet conditions.
But there is some spectacular country and challenging driving along the way which makes this far more appealing than going the long way around. We are tackling the Razorback track to the very top of Kroombit Tops National Park.

We have clawed our way to an elevation of about 1100 metres through some fairly testing terrain and the views up here are…..well take a look! Kroombit Tops Lookout is spectacular on any day but take a look at this weather and the view. The ridge along here is fenced and for good reason with sheer drop-offs of hundreds of metres, it is a breathtaking sight. From here it’s back in the car and 25-kilometre drive along the ridgeline to Kroombits best-kept secret.

Beautiful Betsy was an American B24 Liberator Bomber that crashed in stormy weather on the 24th of February 1945 on a flight from Darwin to Brisbane. She laid there undisturbed for almost 50 years until discovered in 1994 by a park ranger who came up this way to check on a controlled burn.

Beautiful Betsy is a tangible link to a far gone time

Betsy is a tangible link to a far gone time when the world was a very different place. It’s amazing to walk amongst the wreckage which is untouched and sitting where it landed during the crash. There is plenty of speculation about what went wrong and the fact that they may have missed the mountain if they were only a few metres higher.

Beautiful Betsy is perched atop the Kroombit Tops National Park, check the NPSR website for the deets on getting there. The Banana Shire Council has all the details on this and other favourite campsites in the region, head to sandstonewonders.com or OQTA site for more information.

Don’t forget to check out Episode 34 of the Campr series for our guide to Kroombit Tops and the Sandstone Wonders region.

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