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Experience Lady Musgrave Island – With Brett Lakey


Lady Musgrave Island is the Southernmost coral cay of the Bunker Group. Lady Musgrave Experience was founded by managing director Brett Lakey after 20 years of operating and setting up successful eco-tours and luxury charter vessels around the world. Originally heading out to the island when he was 8 years old, Brett fell instantly in love with the Great Barrier Reef. For him, home has always been the Great Barrier Reef and with the help of the Lady Musgrave Experience, Brett gets to share his favourite region of the Great Barrier Reef with others.

The Eco-Certified Advanced Ecotourism tours are a personal service that accompanies its guests to the pristine destination that is Lady Musgrave Island.  The Lady Musgrave Experience is one of the most luxurious operators to access this southern part of the great barrier reef. And in this 150,000 square kilometres of pristine water, you can find a wide range of Australian natural wildlife. From manta rays, turtles, humpback whales and an abundance of fish, you can find these majestic creatures all year round.

Lady Musgrave Experience on the Great Barrier Reef
Experience the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave

How To Reach The Lady Musgrave Experience?

If you plan to getaway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the closest point of access would be Bundaberg. From here, the Lady Musgrave Experience operates multiple daily tours. With luxury transfers to Lady Musgrave Island and surrounding reefs, you can enjoy a relaxing cruise in style with aircon and leather seats where you can sit back and watch flat-screen TVs. With foredeck seating, you can also enjoy the Queensland sun from the upper-level sundecks.

What Does The Lady Musgrave Experience Have To Offer?

  • Snorkelling

An amazing activity to share with family or friends, this snorkelling experience is one you’ll hold on to for a lifetime. Included in the Lady Musgrave Experience Day Tour, the Experience has you covered for all your snorkelling needs. With mares masks, snorkel and fins, you’ll be ready for an adventure. They even provide wetsuits for the colder months of the year. With every snorkel experience, there are always water guides with you, along with a lifebuoy. With their help, they offer the best places to explore and swim with the local turtles.

  • Scuba Diving

From beginner to absolutely experienced, the team on Lady Musgrave Experience offers outstanding personal diving like no one else. You can get up close and personal with magnificent marine life, stunning colourful coral and emerse yourself into the world that lives under the sea.

Lady Musgrave Island Scuba Diving
Scuba diving around Lady Musgrave Island

The day tours offer underwater adventures from introductory scuba dives to adventurous guided dives with qualified scuba staff. The Lady Musgrave Experience offers protected lagoon waters within the reef. As well as outer reef walls and exploring drift dives are sure to excite scuba divers of any experience level.

  • Reef Tours

From BBQ boat hire in Bundaberg to whale watching tours, the team at Lady Musgrave Experience has got you covered. As safety and comfort are of such great importance to the Experience, you can be sure you’re travelling in style. The Musgrave Island Tours are located on a luxury high-speed catamaran called the Reef Empress.

The Great Barrier Reef
Lady Musgrave Reef Tours

Not only do they offer luxury, but the Experience team also cater to their guests. These tours take care of their guests with gourmet morning tea and buffet lunch. With only the freshest local produce available, you’ll have everything you need for a day out on the water.

  • Whale Watching

From June to October, you’ll be sure to spot some humpback whales on one of their tours. Making their way up and down the eastern coastline, humpback whales migrate from Antarctica. Through the warm coastal waters, whiles feed, mate give birth and play. The migration period expects to see around 30,000 whales passing the eastern coastline.

The Lady Musgrave Experience offers informative commentary and 360 views around the boat. So you’ll be sure not to miss a single thing. With 2-day whale watching tour to season passes, you can visit and watch the whales as much as you would like.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Sit back and relax whilst the glass bottom tours offer the best parts of the barrier reef without the need of getting wet. The crew on the glass bottom tours offer informative information about the types of corals, tropical fish, turtles, marine life and more.

Wildlife around Lady Musgrave Island
Turtles at Lady Musgrave
  • Guided Island Walks

Follow our tour guides around the uninhabited island as you learn about this beautiful island paradise. Walk around the island and discover unique and spectacular wildlife that live so remotely. The Lady Musgrave island is home to an ever-changing wildlife.

  • Bird Watching

Tour the island and discover the seabird breeding island. From white-capped noddy terns to silver gulls and black-naped terns. You’ll find thousands of nesting seabirds as you walk across the island.

Lady Musgrave Island Tour
Lady Musgrave Island Day Tours

How to Book?

Booking tours with the Lady Musgrave Experience has bever been easier as you can now book tours with afterpay. With interest-free installations due every fortnight, you could be on your way to amazing boat tour with the Musgrave Experience. Check out Moreton for another island getaway.

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